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Boy I'm tired. I had no idea that when me and Evan left at 12:30pm yesterday, that I would be making a trip AI Dupont Children's Hospital. I felt strong that this would be down the road but not so soon!

Brad received our precious son at the airport, screaming and crying (and yes we expected this too) and obviously very attached to the people who have cared him for the past 2 1/2+ years. But as soon as he got settled down and through security, Brad noticed that Cal*rbe was favoring his arm. As the day went on, his obvious pain grew. Even the person who checked his passport at the border in Miami noticed his discomfort. I was troubled by this and had trouble thinking about anything else. Praying.

He seemed pretty good at the hotel and Cal*rbe actually began to warm up to Daddy...and he evidently loves music because Daddy's ipod was a hit :-) They both slept pretty well. But when they woke the next morning the arm still hurt and he began to feel a little warm. We expected him to get sick because of the shock, Evan had a fever when we received him. But this felt different. Especially since his history of illness pointed to something more serious.

Evan and I hurried around on Monday morning trying to get everything ready but I felt like I was just walking in circles. We made a welcome home sign that we haven't taken down yet since he hasn't actually made it home yet. As we met them at the airport, and I took my baby in my arms, he was burning up and knew there was something seriously wrong.

Brad and I decided to drive to immediately to his work and delivery a copy of his foreign adoption decree directly to the HR department (for insurance) and then drove to the hospital...and that's where I've been ever since. Asher C*lerbe was/is scared, and confused. We are trying to communicate with him the best we can. We are trying to absorb Haitian Creole as quickly as possible to help ease his fears(learn your Creole people! Don't wait too long!). He is really warming up to us and reaches for us. But this isn't the way I envisions bonding.

Our sign is still hanging. I may need to take it down because he's still not coming home. Many tests still to be done. So far, we know he has sickle cell. I was asked yesterday by a well meaning tech if we could give him back. I almost cried at the thought. We are completely committed...he is our son. Although the blood work in Haiti showed negative for SC, I was suspicious of this test result. We have no idea who did this lab or where they sent it. I knew if it wasn't SC it had to be something similar. After I visited him last Nov, I tried to figure out how to get a Med Visa but had no idea even where to begin. Had no idea how to get a diagnosis when I was so far away and without resources. So I prayed that he would not die before he was released from Haiti. This child has been through a war within his own body and, boy, he is a fighter! They think there are complications now from untreated sickle cell. We are learning as we go but remarkably doing well with all this information. It must be God because in my own heart I have no strength. But with Him, I CAN DO ALL THINGS! I know this, I believe this, and He keeps reminding me this.

I do plan to take that sign down...but only for a short time. It's supposed to rain and we are still planning his homecoming...our little fighter. He is Blessed, & Fortunate as the name Asher implies. God has big big plans for his life.


The Karr Family said...


We are praying for you all and especially for Asher! Can't wait to hear he is better and that he is HOME!

Keith & Tana Karr

kb said...

So thankful that Asher is with his forever family,
so thankful that you are able to bond through this experience,
so thankful that God's grace is carrying you in the midst of this difficult time.
Still praying,

Rose Anne said...

So glad your baby boy is with you so that you can get him the treatment that he has needed all along!!!!
I will get you any info I can find - My little guy carries the gene. I had to fill out a paper for the IBESR so I could even bring him home...
Praying for all of you here in MN.
God Bless,
Rose Anne

John Rich said...

I know this isn't how you envisioned things, but I also know that God knew the ending from the beginning. He had things all planned out. He has a plan and a purpose. Asher is finally with his Mommy and Daddy getting the loving attention that he needs.

God bless you!

Salzwedel Family said...

I am amazed at the way God brought this little boy home just when he needed it most. I am thankful he is there and can get the help he needs. I pray God will give you the strength & grace you need to get through this trying time. Praying for healing for your sweet boy.

Anonymous said...

Our hearts and prayers are with you all tonight. Praying that the peace of God which passes all understanding be with you tonight. Goodnight Asher, you are safe with Mommy and Daddy now...
Kim Kirby
COP Friend

Table for Six said...

Brad and Terry (and family) we are praying for peace and strength. We are asking our Father to give Evan and Asher what they both need during this time of adjustment, healing and bonding as well as everyone in the family.
we love you
Bob and jill S.
bethany cop family/friends

Natalie said...

God is so merciful and kind and your story shows the evidence of His providential hand. Praying that God uses this time of illness to knit his little heart to yours and Brad's in a way only He can.
Much Love,

Tracy said...

Asher is in the arms of the people who can save him and care and love him. What a blessing. I hope the doctors can get him comfortable very soon and he begins to heal his little body. Your family is in everyones thoughts and prayers...

Nate and Brenda said...

praying!!! My niece has SC and blood tests for years came back negative until she moved to NM. She had it for years and had no idea. She is now in her 20's with 2 children and happily married! I pray the same for your little guy!!!!

Give him a hug from us!!

Julie said...

We are lifting you all before our Heavenly Father who has such a special plan for you all. Praying for strength and healing for little Asher and answers that will bring him home soon! He is so blessed to have you!

Kathy C. said...

Hugs & prayers.

kayder1996 said...

If you could give him back? Oooh, that's a doozy of a comment. As if he were a puppy and not a child? Anyway, I too am glad he is home.

Medical care is a luxury in some places, something people often neglect to think of when they debate the condition of our current system. It frustrates me to no end to hear people rag on our system, how people are neglected here when we are so blessed. (Doesn't mean there aren't problems, just don't tell me our medical system is terrible.)

We had the opposite experience. A child who we were told originally had a heart defect, should qualify for a medical visa, didn't, came home, and had no heart issue other than a slight murmur.

Mike and Sherri said...

Wow Terry, I didn't realize that you had hime home. I pray that this experience will make the bond greater when he gets on the other side of this and sees how you cared for him in such a tough time. Bless you today; one day at a time.