Hospital Update


He's doing so much better today. We even got some more smiles. But he'll smile and then quickly look away and stop-as if to say "no way, you didn't just see me smile". He even walked around the halls with Daddy today and stopped at the playroom. His arm still hurts a little. We are waiting to get the MRI because his Hemoglobin is so low (6 something- I think normal is 13?) and anesthesiologist doesn't want to do it. The doctors want to rule out infection in their. He may be getting it tomorrow.

Most of the other tests (infectious disease) are coming back normal...and the rest aren't back yet, so we are relieved of this. HIV Neg. We were concerned because we had learned that his birth mom was very sick but wasn't told why. So this is a major relief.

Tomorrow he's also getting another CBC among other stuff to see how his numbers look. He's had some heavy duty antibiotics now for almost 48 hours. I will try and update more about the medical end of it all. We are still educating ourselve about sickle cell so kinda in information overload.

We are working on the bonding too. Daddy is preferred...and he is eating that up! Which is funny because Brad thought for sure he would be a Mommy's boy :-) Oh and we had a surprise...he pointed to the potty, so Dad brought him in and he went...looks like our baby is getting potty trained!

Thank you all so much for the prayers...I believe that the worse is over and praising God for his grace and mercy. We may still be here for a couple days but all is well. When I walked in the room to find hearts hanging on the crib from his friend at Rainbows...Thanks guys! That was so special and it warmed our hearts :-) When you see Brad, give him the biggest hug you ever gave anyone! He's been my hero and I would know what to do without him. A blessing beyond measure. Pictures to come....I Love you! Terry


Bill and Christina said...

I know that the things that you are going through are terrible but how awesome is it that you are able to go through them together. Praise God that you have him to hold in your arms! I am sooo very happy for you!

Salzwedel Family said...

I am so glad to hear your sweet boy is doing better. I continue to pray for you all.

Kathy C. said...

Hugs & prayers. Glad your little guy is doing better and that he is where he can get the best care.

One Happy Momma said...

Terry and brad -

Glad to hear that he is doing better.

It truly is a miracle that God brought him him home so he can get not only the best medical care but the BEST Mommy and Daddy care ever!!

Thank you for taking time out your day to keep us updated. I for one really appreciate it!

Love and HUGS -


Anita said...

Awww Terry.....I'm in tears seeing Asher and hearing how he's already responding to the meds, but most importantly to Daddy and Momma! What a gift...such a precious gift you've been given..and I know you know it too!! We'll keep praying here for all of you. Glad to hear all the great updates already and hear about his sneaky smiles!! :) Love you my friend!!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! Those smiles I bet are worth a million dollars! God is so awesome. We will continue to pray. Blessings to the entire family.
Love to you and Big cyber hugs to Asher and Evan.
Kim kirby
COP Friend

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

I hunger for updates and thank you for taking the time to let us know how you are all doing.

I think of my struggles 2 weeks ago with Ellie's urological diagnostics and all those other times you have lifted me up in prayer. What a privilege to pray for you, now.

Oh, how I understand information overload....as I have felt that, too, as we were learning, and still are learning, about spina bifida.

I understand the strength you know is from Jesus, because YES, you can do all things through Him, because HE is your strength.

I can only imagine the pain in your heart when asked if you could take Asher back to Haiti. When I was struggling with Ellie's new medical issues, learning to use the catheter, and what that meant for the remainder of her life, I thought, "If she were in China still, she wouldn't be learning that using a catheter 4-5 times daily will protect her from kidney damage. Just being in the US is giving her a longer life span."

God is full of grace and mercy. May you continue to feel his peace.

Love you!!!

stephanie garcia said...

I am so sorry that Asher and your family have to experience this right now, but praying for his soon recovery and God's strength for you family. Asking others to pray as well. My dad is a pastor in Delaware (assuming this is the same AI Dupont hospital) and if he can be of assistance to you in any way I know he would love to do so, especially as he is waiting for his own two grandbabies (our sons) from Haiti. God bless you.