A new day

This boy is an absolute treasure! We spent some time this afternoon hanging out home while Daddy and the rest went to Mom-mom Scotts bday party (Happy Birthday Mom-mom!) I wish we could have went but life has been a bit overwhelming lately and we really needed some time to get to know that everything is ok. And he needs some vaccinations since something like the flu could cause Asher SC crisis. We are learning about this day by day. But I know with God's strength we are going to all do just fine.

He's really warming up to the whole family. It's amazing how his personality is emerging. But he hates our dogs. Of course we have three! He hates the the little dogs especially. So we have our house gated and for now there is a constant physical separation but he is still able to see them. I'm going to bring the little ones in the family room/play area in the crate while he plays in a few days.mmmm, lovin' the peanut butter!

I don't think Evan is too excited about sharing his kingdom. At the same time he will tell me how happy he is that Asher is home. But he's not too keen on sitting next to him. Although my social butterfly grandson has no problem playing with Asher, or even trying to boss him a little bit. I guess he's just handing down being bossed around by his Uncle Evan. All in all they are doing fine and warming up to the new routine. And Mommy can't wait until be have one!Hours of fun...a stick with a little string and magnet for "fishin"!

It's awesome to sit here and listen to him singing in bed. He is so content up there. That is so amazing to me. I can't believe it. It's almost like it's been his bed all along. He shares a room with Evan and I'm not sure if that is the reason he loves it so much...it could be. But he is so happy up in his room. He hasn't sung or talked anywhere else except in the car on the way home from the hospital.

Well, that's enough of mommy gush for now. It's only the second day home and already feels like he was in Haiti 100 years ago. Its funny how life just takes over and you forget the pain of childbirth once it's all over and you have that sweet child in your arms. It's a gift from God. When I think about the task ahead I sometimes get overwhelmed but I know that God has given us what we need to give this precious son of ours exactly what he needs today to truly "live"....For His Glory! Terry Ps. My daughter Amy has been such a blessing...Thank you Amy for all your love and help. We love you soooooo much!


Katy said...

Such a wonderful sight to finally see him home with his family...that is so cute to hear how he loves his bed...Thank you God!

Anonymous said...

Praising God that you able to mommy gush! Glad that he is home and doing better,praying for you as you all adjust. Blessings, Jen

kb said...

What a joy and blessing.
I love the pic of you and your three sleepy boys. :)

Kathy C. said...

HOw fun to see all three boys together. I bet they will soon be best friends and inseperable!

Anita said...

Awww Terry....I can't believe how quickly he is settling in already and singing! It brought such sweetness to my heart to hear that and I know he just senses such security with you and Brad and his HOME!! Praying each day continues to get better as he settles in. It truly is amazing how quickly we forget that we did not birth our children in the physical sense, but we sure birthed them in our hearts and lives long before. HUGS!!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Oh, Terry, I love the photo of you and your THREE little men on the sofa together. How many more precious years you have to love on the three of them, how close they will all become, how much fun they will have have together, what memories you will be making!!!!

And, you know I understand overwhelemd. It's how I have felt many times with all of the medical issues with spina bifida. But, I also know God's grace is sufficient, He gives the perfect amount of grace and mercy for the day, and His strength is perfect in our weakness. The medical issues will take a back seat to the the day to day "loving" you will do for your son.

Love and more prayers,

Juli said...

It is such a blessing to see him HOME.

kayder1996 said...

We loved peanut butter too. It was a good food to have when the food choices seemed overwhelming. So glad you are at HOME. And so glad Asher is feeling better and more like himself. As I'm sure you know, just wait as the real Asher peeks out, little by little, month by month. It's such a fun surprise!

Julie said...

Yeah Terry! So happy for you all!

Laura L. said...

It's so wonderful to see him at home with all of you!
I'm glad he's out of the hospital and he is HOME!
Keep us updated please. :)
Hugs to you.


Anonymous said...

He is so precious. I am so glad he is home.