School Daze?

To see full blog post and pictures go to: http://www.ourfamadventure.blogspot.com/ Well, we were going to wait until Asher made it home to offically start school. Mainly because I have no idea what to expect. But due to the current visa delay, I decided waiting is a bad idea. Levi, my grandson, is here 3 days a week so he's homeschooling with us somewhat. And it is very challenging because he's not here everyday so routines are hard to estabish. I'm hoping in a couple weeks we will have some kind of "flow". But I'm sure once Asher is here a new "flow" will be needed again anyway. So I'm trying to take this one day at a time and focus on whats important at this point...HAVING FUN! and...following directions, getting along, being polite, patient, loving, etc, etc, etc....

And yes, I do feel a littled dazed this past week...I can't believe it's school time!

Evan is ready for real school but I'm finding it hard to occupy my very active 3 year old grandson! Any suggestions?

Evan is also going to Gymnastics on Fridays for about an hour... that will be fun. We're also hoping he can go to "Rainbows" during our churches family night this fall and hoping to connect with some playgroups.

We started last week...and we learned that "Jesus is the Light of the world".

I'm repeating what I started for Evan last winter (MFW) for Levi and also adding some things from the websites I have listed on my sidebar. They both especially loved the letter S Mini Book we made the other day. But I'm adding some really fun math stuff like Cuisenaire Rods/and problem solving book. Also doing Developing the Early Learner book 1. He loves the Cuisenaire rods. It's his favorite thing to do, he begs me to do it!

We also do Calender time with some things I bought from Oriental Tradingwhich have great inexpensive teaching supplies! Unfortunitely I did not buy my calendar from OT...but they have a really neat one I'd love to use! And you can use it over and over which is what I need. Right now I have one that wipes off which is ok for the time being.

We start with singing the days of the week song (one made up to the tune of "Down by the Station"...the days of the week are sunday, monday tuesday wednesday, thurs fri, the last day saturday...) then we go over what the day & date is. Do our pocket charts.

What I did buy from OT is the 100 pocket chart, and also a counting caddy pocket chart that teaches place value (both shown). And I love them! We do these during calender time. It's the highlight of the day :-)

Well, I'll post more on what were doing and what were using and where we got it another day. Along with more pics!

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Tammie said...

WOW! I think I am going to use some of your ideas. My son pretty good with numbers, but we are just starting MFWK and are only on week 2, going through creation. Anyway, looking forward to seeing what else you use for school!