What's in a name?

We've been thinking about our son's name...Asher. We love this name and everything it stands for. It means "Blessed, Fortunate, Happy, proper, straight, honest, go , guide, lead, relieve." It also says in Gen. 49:20 "Out of Asher his bread shall be fat and he shall yield royal dainties". Wow! That's what I want for my son! He's come from such poverty, and has even almost died on a few occasions. But we know he is Blessed, Fortunate...etc. Asher is also the Hebrew tribe that was know for it's "Mighty Men of Valor." Seeing how our son has fought to stay alive this is so appropriate! (my other son's name me young warrior!)

And the Name Asher was inscribe on the Onyx stone on the priestly garment...how appropriate is that! Which symbolizes fire/splendor...WOW again!

But it's been almost 3 years that he's been called Calerbe...actually, they call him Caleb (sounds like Cow-leb, not the normal Caleb), so we are thinking we will continue to call him by his name. He will come home with his Haitian name as his first and middle name and our last name. In order for us to rename him we would need to readopt. right? Does anyone know of a less expensive way?

Originally we were to name him Asher Calerbe...but he was a baby. Now his is pushing 3.

We've consider keeping his first name Calerbe (Cal-er-bay). We have all grown to love this unusual name. And even the "Cowleb" shortened version. But we have no idea what this name means. I have to think that it is a variation of the Hebrew name Caleb. I love this name to...meaning is "heart or faithful"...

So now we are not sure if we will be changing his name anytime soon. This cost money and he already is very comfortable with the name he's known since birth. I don't want to take that from him. Calerbe Asher, Asher Calerbe, ??????? Maybe not change it at all and save a load of dough.

I have to believe that if his name is to be Asher, the Lord will provide the means for us to add that to his name....and we will know it's his name once he's in our arms.

If you've read this far, thanks for reading my ramble. It's been on our minds and our hearts...we just want our baby home now. We'll figure it out then :-)


kayder1996 said...

What if you left it Calerbe but used Cal as a shortened version? I too like keeping the Haitian connection. Both of our kids have kept the name that they were familiar with and then their middle names are their Haitian last names. Kenson Jules and Conleigh Deme (with an accent mark). Conleigh's last name is actually Dime but obviously that doesn't translate quite as well into English.

You may want to think about the readoption part though. It does cost money but readoption will allow you to have a US issued birth certificate for your child. Otherwise for anything you need an original, notarized birth certificate for, you will have to use the one Haitian one you get or try to gain another one from Haiti. If that one Haitian one gets lost or destroyed, it might be a nightmare to replace.

God's Grace said...

In NJ you don't need to readopt to get a NJ state birth certificate. We got one for Evan. Same as one issued to birth children born in the state of NJ. Although if we ever moved to another state, I'm not sure what our rights are as their parents as not each state has the same laws about adopted foriegn born children. I'm confused about this and we are planning to talk to an adoption lawyer as soon as we get Calerbe home. We may end up readopting them both.

Kathy C. said...

I would call him Asher Calerbe and use both names at first. He can choose which to go by as he's older.

I have the same issue with going with Kaleb and Kayla now that they are so much older than I thought they'd be so we are going to call them Kaleb Fredlin and Kayla Frednise--both names together. If they want to go by their Haitian names later, that's okay. A lot of people go by their middle names. I was originally going to put another middle name first but due to age decided not to.

kb said...

Once he's home (and it will be SOON), I think you'll know what to call him. :)
I would have loved to keep our daughter's Haitian name. But it sounds more like a masculine name... which also happens to be our son's name. And she was not named by her birthparents. So, that's how we came about deciding to give her a new name. We'll see how she transitions to it once she comes home.

Bill and Christina said...

Hey Terry,
If you really like Asher better actually call him both names in the beginning. Asher Calerbe then as he gets used to hearing both names together sometimes drop the Calerbe and just say Asher. Eventually you will be able to drop Calerbe all together and just let that be his middle name. Did I say that in a way that makes sense? I hope so.

Salzwedel Family said...

Just let the Lord lead...I'm sure you will know the right answer once he is home.

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

You will know, dear friend, what is right.
Now, when are you getting to bring that BIG baby home?

Katy said...

That is a hard one... I love both Asher and Calerbe, and I know that God will guide you on this one. I am trying to decide if the name I've chosen (Gracyn Joy Nephtalie...including her birth name as her middle name) is too long, but I really want to include Joy because it is a family name and keep Nephtalie because her first mama gave it to her...I have also questioned if she'll have a hard time getting used to being called something different, but I like the suggestions about using both names together. I did that in Haiti and she responded well.

Tammie said...

Wow, there isn't much else to say, except that I agree there is so much in a name. Let the Lord lead you. Confusion does not come from the Lord, go with what you know. Can't wait to hear what you decide!