Another Day


This week has be challenging, exhausting, and a blessing. I guess we are all on the learning curve. I think Evan is feeling somewhat bumped from his place of royalty and refuses to go out without a fight :-) Actually, he's doing pretty good considering...he needed his little brother home a long time ago!

It's amazing to see Asher's personality emerge. And I love seeing him do things he obviously has never done...like running! Now I'm sure the kids at the orphanage run, but I'm certain that Asher never did. I think because of his frequent illnesses, the nanny's babied him and carried him. He's also a very reluctant child unless coerced to do something. I can't imagine the nanny's having the time for this kind of one on one attention. So watching him trying to run and pick up his legs is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I'll try and get the video clip up of him running.

I have my 3 year old grandson here 3 days a week and Asher tries to follow the big boys around everywhere and do what they are doing. And coloring is a big big hit! So are balls. He hangs on to his ball for dear life too, NO ONE IS GOING TO TAKE HIS BALL ANYMORE!

And the biggest milestone is he has made peace with the dogs...all 3 of them. At first he was petrified. So we gated the house and he could only see them through the gate. The gates got old real fast as the dogs we obviously unhappy with this new family arrangement. So after a day or so, I felt that our reacting to his reaction was part of the problem. We stopped his drama by ignoring it and loving on the dogs in front of him and in a matter of hours it seemed to work. So we worked each dog into the family room with Asher, one by one. Now, he is bossing around the dogs...and tattling on them when they are being naughty like sneaking food or little toys they like to chew :-)

It really warms my heart to hear him say Mommy. Of course he calls Brad mommy, and my older son mommy and just about anyone he likes and responds to him in anyway. So this is something we will be working on.

All in all we are beginning to develop a routine...

His health is good at the moment but you can tell he's still not 100%. We are still waiting to find out what type of Sickle Cell he has, we go to clinic in 2 weeks. But when I look into his eyes, I no longer see that sick little boy I saw in pictures for 2 1/2 years. It's amazing how much healthier he looks already. God is so good and I am praising Him for saving my baby boy....Praise you Jesus for bringing him home!


kayder1996 said...

Praise God, indeed! Kenson's gross and fine motor skills were a bit behind. I don't think it's just Asher. I think it's all those who are inside the big building. They've never had to navigate different things like stairs or sidewalks with cracks and there isn't anywhere to practice controlling your body while you sprint or roll or jump. When he first came home, Kenson would walk 3 blocks to the post office and fall or trip every single time. And Kenson still is overly cautious. But it is so fun to see him blossom and come alive.

Kathy C. said...

It's so nice to see him home doing regular boy stuff.

Rose Anne said...

Thank You Jesus ! The picture's of him playing is so wonderful to see.
You are right his eyes show that he knows he is loved. I have seen it with my little guy and my niece who are also from Haiti.
Praying that you will get some answers about his health soon!
God Bless,
Rose Anne

Jodie said...

Praise God for all the strides he's making and his improved health!

Katy said...

I also noticed that Gracie wasn't used to running or climbing stairs during the first visit, and during the second she was still cautious but progressed quickly. How wonderful it is to see him doing everything for the first time!

Tammie said...

Terry, I have not been on line much lately, but I am so thrilled that he is home and doing much better. My heart is singing praises to the Lord for you and with you and I am believing with you the Jesus will heal him and he will have no more pain or sickness. Again, congratulations!

Julie said...

It sounds like he is doing so well! What progress he has made in such a short time!

Dawn S. said...

This is so great! Love all the pictures and love that he is home Congrats!