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Before I get to the update I just have to say I think I see Asher's face shine with the Lord's glory at times!
I've been wanting to update since yesterday. Our visit to DuPont(Neumours) was a stressful one. They attempted to draw blood for about 45 minutes but this kid has so much scarring on the only good vein he has. They wound up pricking his fingers and squeezing the blood out to do the hemoglobin test and a couple others. His hem is up some from 7 to 9. Normal is between 11 - 14...Asher's normal will be about where it is...ok, now about what type of Sickle Cell he has...

Asher has inherited sickle cell from both parents, therefore has the most severe form of the disease, SS. We were hopeful to hear something different but our baby is going to need a lot of medical care. But in Christ we are still hopeful. God has kept this baby boy alive in Haiti. Looking back at the last 2 1/2 years, his frequent serious illnesses, hospitalizations, blood transfusion, etc. I'm amazed. He probably should have died...but the Lord has a plan for his life. I've been trying to process all this in the past 2 weeks, especially the last 24 hours or so.

His test also show 17% of fetal hemoglobin, something we stop producing once we are born. This is good because it is likely that his body will continue to produce this. Fetal hemoglobin, as I understand it, doesn't sickle. I'm convinced the Lord did this to save him from dieing in Haiti. I know that He also could have healed him totally but there is just so much that I still don't understand. And probably never will this side of heaven.

Asher has a purpose, created by God. He'll have many obstacles, but if you could only see this kid and the way he handles his discomfort. What a joyful child he is. It's totally God and God in him. It brings ME joy and also sadness at the same time. We will learn from Asher. I already have.

Sunday we introduced him to the congregation at church. As we worshipped in the sanctuary, he raise up his little hand to Jesus. It comes natural to him, worshipping unto the Lord. He's close to God. I bet he's even met Him :-) I mean that. I can see it in the way his face shines, and the peaceful spirit he possesses. Only one who is inhabited by the Holy Spirit has that kind of peace. Only one who has seen the face of God can reflect that kind of Glory.I mean, look at how good this kids looks! He Shines!

We are blessed to call him OUR SON. I don't think I understand how blessed we are yet.

OK on to other things...did I mention that Asher's hematologist is an adoptive mother. She's adopted from China, how cool is that. So she not only understands his medical issues but also understands the added challenges he has.

Our "brothers" are doing pretty good. I think Evan has moments of mourning at times but is learning it's not so bad having a little brother around. We just need to remember spend "special" time with him and show him some extra attention for a little while. It's easy for us to spend all our time with Asher with his medical needs and forget that Evan also needs some support.

They do this really strange thing with their mouths/tongues at each other, holding the corners of their mouth while slightly bumping heads. I got the tail end of it in this picture. It's weird but they love it and makes them laugh at each other...hey, whatever it takes, we're bonding!

I love this time of year. The air gets crisp and the colors are all my favorites! We took the boys to a fall festival about a week ago.

Tub time is a favorite here! It's hard to get him out :-)
And we had a little family soccer with big brother Brad
We also went to the zoo. He loves to go "out" and he also is really good about going to bed...this kid is amazing. Oh and he now reaches for me when someone trys to pick him up that he doest know...very very good :-) And when he says mommy, I can tell it's starting to mean something.

To learn more about Sickle Cell Anemia you can click Here


Katy said...

Oh Terry, I LOVE all these photos, but especially the one with you and Asher towards the bottom...so awesome to see you together again. And wonderful to hear that Evan is doing better, starting to bond with him. You are right, in spite of some disappointing news, the Lord has a perfect and awesome plan for this precious little guy. It shows. Praying for him!!

Natalie said...

God surely did keep Asher alive in Haiti. Wow. I have goosebumps.

Kathy C. said...

He is an awesome little boy. It will be fun to see all three boys become best friends.

Bill and Christina said...

I am so very happy for you!

Mike and Sherri said...

Oh, I'm almost wordless, my heart feels such joy for you. Asher is a beuatiful and real reminder of Phillipians 4:11. I will carry that verse and his smile with me today. And you are a reminder of how the Lord loves us whole-heartedly. What a great idea to have big bro have "boy time" with both of them together." ;-)

Julie said...

Yeah Terry! What precious little boys. My heart is so excited for you! I know the road isn't easy, but how rich it is.


Lynn said...

Terry, I know it is a comfort to know that God is in control... and he will get Asher AND you all through this as you travel down the path set before you... Asher looks so happy, and it is good to see the "brothers bonding".... what a joy that must be to your heart... keeping you in my prayers....

Michelle said...

I truly can see the Lord in his face. I cry almost every time I read something about this wonderful child you were blessed with! God has chosen you "for such a time as this" and I'm rejoicing with you!

Laura L. said...

Such a wonderful post. I mean REALLY wonderful. It's a blessing to see Asher with your family and hear all about him.
God does have a great plan for his life.
Thanks for sharing!

Tracy said...

Hi Terry! Glad to see Asher so happy! Sorry to hear he has SS type. Did they check him for that in Haiti? I thought we got a sickle cell test? I could be remembering wrong. He is in family that will help keep him healthy! You all look like you're enjoying every moment with him! :)

HMK said...

What a wonderful post! So glad you guys are doing well. Praying that God continues to give you peace and wisdom as you figure out how care for your sweet boy. :)

Anita said...

WOW oh WOW, Terry!!!! Yes, definitely an awesome post, but even more awesome to hear about Asher's spirit from the Lord, his bonding with you and Evan...all of it. I know, as you know, that the Lord has MIGHTY plans for this warrior of yours!! No doubt, no doubt at all. Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Continuing to think about you and praying for each of you ... just love the photos and everything you had to say!
love, Kimberly

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Terry, just catching up on your blog. Asher's spirit reminds me of Ellie, joyful in spite of circumstances....teaching more about the love and grace of Jesus everyday.
His face truly beams....
I'm so glad to see him at home with his FOREVER FAMILY!

Bill Ludlam said...

Hi Brad & Terry, Good to see you,s are doing OK, and in good sprites. Family,s looking good, hope all is well. Contact me at williamludlam@yahoo.com or disturbedagn@comcast.net. talk to u,s later, Merry X-Mas, Bill Ludlam