Some Pictures of October

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Here is a hodgepodge of pictures from the past few weeks....next week is Asher 3rd birthday....no big party planned, I just don't have the energy for that. But we are have close family over for cake and ice cream...well, no ice cream for Asher-he's VERY lactose intolerant :-)

Our little pumpkin in the pumpkin patch

Evan working on his leaf rubbing for our study of leaves...he made a book of them. Now we need to take a walk on the trails and identify a few. We better hurry because there won't be any left here in NJ! Below is the puppy "chillaxing"

Amy Lynn and Daddy

Grandson Levia href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_ax3JF7ty-ic/SujthYQIYqI/AAAAAAAACus/2AqRDl5jWHM/s1600-h/2009Oct+Hayride+012.jpg">
A couple of my favorites...Asher the computer genious and the boys making brownies...

Next week we also have another doctors appointment. We are praying nobody gets H1N1 this season. so much controversy with this vaccine. Normally we would not get it but due to Asher's SC we will be getting this when available. If Asher gets a fever of 101 or greater he will need to go to emergency. Any type of respiratory illness or infection can cause major complications and even death. Something like the flu is nothing to mess around with. Esecially the piggy kind...no comments about your opinion please, I think I've had enough of that.

I pray the Lord bless you today! My heart is full and so is my home :-) ....but always room for one more!


kayder1996 said...

I think I could have counted the number of times I have seen Asher smiling from orphanage pictures on one hand. It's so great to see him smiling in almost every single one of the photos on your page.

And ug on the H1N1 stuff. We aren't getting the vaccine and I'm hoping that's the right choice. So much to think about.

But at some point you have to say God is still God and He is sovereign even over the illnesses and the vaccines, so regardless of what I decide pro or con, I know God's still got it covered. We can't control it all.

In the words of my now deceased MIL when finding out we were traveling to Haiti for the first time, "If God wants you dead, you'll die in a car accident tomorrow. I'm not worried about you going." A bit blunt but true. Who of us by worrying can add to our lives? And who of us by doing everything "perfectly" (by taking all the precautions or by avoiding things) can control our lives? You make your best decision based on the advice of professionals, your personal feelings, and any advice given in the Bible and then let it go.

Sorry so long winded...seriously glad to see all the smiles!

Sean's Ladies said...

Love the pictures, Terry! He is just so stinking cute!

Praying for your family's health. Not made a decision either way. Haven't completely decided yet. Makes me nervous, but like you, our little E could get very sick very quick. :(

Bill and Christina said...

Asher has the cutiest little smile. He seems very happy. I am so happy that you have him there with you.

Kathy C. said...

A lot of fun first for Asher.

I recognize that mouse pad : )

Stirm Family said...

Love the pictures. Praying that everyone stays healthy.

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

I love that smile---the one that says, "I belong!"

Josie-Tatum prays for Asher every night. Now, remember, this is the the little girl who started praying for our trip to Africa, when we needed $6,000, and God sent over $8,000. He hears her prayers! She's gotcha covered. ;)

Love ya' dear friend,

Katy said...

Loving all your fall moments!