Fall Homeschool Stuff

The last 3 weeks we've been learning how we "live and grow in Jesus" (Leaves-Psalm 1) and also how "if we stay in Jesus we will have much fruit" (Apple-Gal 5). We are somewhat behind where I wanted to be by now but with Asher coming home we were needing to develop a new preschool rhythm. I think it's finally happening.

The kids had fun with this craft and it really turned out good. They used their hand prints for the branches...

The fall is my favorite time of year so it was fun for me too.
We made apple trees (planted by a stream, by the way ; ) and here's what we used to do it: Brown WASHABLE paint, paint tray and small paint roller, poster board, foam sheets for the leaves and apples, scissors to cut them out, and glue.
First I drew a tree trunk and had the boys paint it with the small roller. Then we painted the palms of their hands for stamping onto the poster board to make the tree branches up top. After the paint dried they glued the leaves and apples I precut ahead of time onto the hand branches. (I also wrote the scripture verses on some of the leaves that went with our lessons. Along with our "words to remember" on the apples and the tree trunk)
Here's a better picture of their hand prints and scriptures...we had fun! All three boys did it.

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