Thanksgiving, Scabies, and pictures :-)

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My laptop is not functional so I need to use the main computer, which is facing the wall. Turning your back on a 4 and two 3 year olds for extended periods in not a good thing to do :-) But I'll attempt to do a quickie right now since one of the 3 year olds is not here!

Here's some pictures of our past few weeks and thanksgiving. Asher has grown a 1/4 inch since last month. He's had his 3rd treatment for scabies so far but managed to keep the buggers from anyone else and the family. It's such a pain! But I think we got them this time! Has anyone else had such a problem with the obvious resistance to the RX permethrin? Just a head up to those of you bringing little ones home in the future. Was told that the permethrin lice shampoos that so many use for scabies actually may be causing this problem since its the same chemicle in a lesser percentage-it eventually builds their resistance, and then the permethrin resistant scabies are passed along to another child. Other than this, life is blissfully hectic-we are having fun- and are abundantly blessed! Enjoy the pictures!
Old Thomas fan...playing online Thomas Games
A new Thomas fan!
Uncle Asher with his nephew Levi
Making Apple Crisp Crumb
It's very difficult to get these two to sit still for a picture...this is what we have to deal with...
The best we can do...

Evan Made Place Settings
First Thanksgiving! He didn't eat anything except nibbles of stuffing and a roll
My Big Boy!
Mom Mom and Pop Pop with the little boys
It's so difficult to post these days.


Katy said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Yes, it is very hard to get even just one six year old to smile a real smile. =) But 2 or 3 toddlers? No way! I am sure you don't have much time on your hands...thanks for the info on the scabies medicine. So what are you supposed to use?

God's Grace said...

Hi Katy, You just keep doing it until they finally all die...I cried everytime I had to do it. I also needed to redo his hands after we did his whole body because I could tell the bumps were still active. Each time we did it we found less and less new bumps. I pray you wont need to deal with this. I just can't imagine such a little boy with so many! In his head too!