Christmas Hodgepodge

Click here for family Christmas Card and year end update!

Just a hodgepodge of pics. I realized that there aren't any pictures of me and Brad together with Asher! So we took this. And I'm planning to get someone to take a picture of us and all our children sometime this week...well maybe. That's my hope and prayer anyway :-)
In my last post the boys were making ornaments...well, they are finished and hanging on the tree now!
Proudly displaying his first picture ornament on the tree!
Our family room tree is filled with photos of loved ones and homemade ornaments dating back to 1984. Some of the decorations are just paper and glitter that the kids made in school, and I even hung my oldest son's sneakers from when he was a baby. Also his first Christmas shoes. I love my tree, I call it my family tree. There are some family members I still need to include. Christmas comes and goes so quickly and I always say "next year"...I love my family tree!

When the kids where young we didn't have enough money to buy "real" ornaments. But now these ornaments are precious to me. Along with our advent candle lighting. We don't do it in a very traditional way. But I love the candles, songs, and just praising Jesus during our candle lighting. We haven't sung much and the bigger kids haven't been here during our candles but it's still precious to see our little ones learning about Jesus...it makes it all fresh...
Our first snow brought 2 feet of snow. We did go out in the thick of it to see Santa at the local CVS (my son Bradley was working at the time :-) Asher though the snow was a little weird at the time.
And the skinny Santa was a little weirder...I do have a better picture of Asher and Santa (Evan wouldn't really get too close once again so no pictures) I will need to scan the good, lets see if I have time to do that later.

Playing out front in the snow!
Sledding! Overall, Asher has reconsidered snow!
And Evan has always been a snow baby!

Chopping Cranberries was a big hit too! Oh what fun...
Next post will be decorating cookies...may need to combine that with Christmas, it depends how soon I post again! Merry Christmas all and God Bless!


Mike and Sherri said...

Asher looks fantastic!

Kathy C. said...

We have a lot of those ornaments too.

Fun pictures.

Salzwedel Family said...

Merry Christmas Terry! Love all the pictures of your beautiful family.

Anonymous said...
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Laura L. said...

Wow, looks like you guys have had a wonderful Christmas together. How good it is to see Asher with his family this year!
A great post of your happy times!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Beautiful family tree and a beautiful family.
I hope to take time to post our boatloads of fun over the Christmas week soon.
Love ya' my sister,

Deborah said...

I love the shoes on the tree!
Have a Blessed New Year.