Prayer Requests Please

I love this photo...it's from my visit to Haiti, fall 2008. I used the oil paint effects on it and I plan to have it printed and hung on the wall. I may even try to paint it myself someday...I'm not a painter but something about it just makes me want to. The picture was taken in Cite Soliel. The family is walking on a huge garbage mound where they find things to use and sell. Basically, the whole area is built on this trash. It was a pretty desolate place but this picture draws me in. I see love & hope here.

I'm fasting and I was wondering if you would leave me your prayer requests. My desire this week is to sit at the feet of Jesus and I would be honored to carry your request to Him. If you don't want to leave a request in the comments you can email me at jonesy4him@comcast.net. God Bless!


Kathy C. said...

Adoption process. YOu know the details but basically I just got judgment so now on through second legal, archives, MOI etc. It's been really long. I so wanted to bring ours home together.

Bill and Christina said...

Please pray that the girls come home swiftly!

Thank you for your sacrifice!

Lena Wright said...

Please pray for fast forward movement in our adoption process as well for our finances. Thank you.

kb said...

Like the rest: our adoption. We're waiting for Judgment.

Jodie said...

1. My relationship with God would deepen.
2. Mark to get a good-paying job that he enjoys.
3. Our adoption (and everyones!)
4. Our finances.

Thanks, Terry!

kayder1996 said...

Conleigh's adoption and the sale of our house/purchase of a new one

One Happy Momma said...

Please pray for Vince, (the 13 yr old boy we tried to adopt) that USCIS and China get the paperwork expedited so his Forever Family will be in China by Jan 23rd, the day before he turns 14.

Thank you Terry and God Bless you!


Katy said...

Terry, in addition to the adoption process/trip/illness, could you also pray for my sister Amy and her kids? She plans to discuss something very important with them tomorrow night. THANK YOU! May you be abundantly blessed.