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The other day Asher helped out with a fundraiser at Rowan University for Samaritan's Purse Relief efforts. This ministry has been a blessing to Maison and the kids (Asher's Orphanage- news reports refer to them as "Children of the House of God")...

I don't know what the final tally is but once I find out I'll post it...

UPDATE: Our three day total fundraising for Haiti at Rowan is $831. And all donations were matched, making our Grand Total $1662!!! Thank you to everyone who helped!

I haven't been posting because I am consumed with Haiti and the aftermath of the earthquake. Specifically the needs of the orphanage. There's been much media coverage on the Asher's orphanage, national news networks. And because of this, aid and food continues to trickle in day by day. The kids are still in Haiti but I believe it's getting closer. The paperwork IS getting filed. I think they may be home before the end of the week. Each day hopeful parents are saying "maybe today"...then being told, maybe tomorrow. The babies got sick in the heat, on the bus, on the way to get visa's today so they needed to go back to the O. So maybe tomorrow they will finally make it and get the process finished. Then get on a plane and leave that Hell Hole.

I have felt helpless through this whole thing, watching parents scramble for any shred of "good news" they can get. Praying for their children to come home. Wishing I could do "something" to make that happen. These families are dear to my heart because we are all connected by our Haitian children and the country they were born in. And I've been specifically moved by the pleading and heartache of those who are adopting from Maison. So I do the only thing I can, and the most powerful thing...Pray.

Lord Jesus be with these kids, and the many others who have been turned away for visa's this week. Send those to them to be the hands and feet of Christ. Meet their needs according to Your Riches in Glory! You are still on Your Throne. And I Rejoice in Your Holy Name! I lift to you the nannys and Pierre and all those at the orphanage, that you will give to them wisdom, good health and Holy Spirit energy. And in the weeks and months ahead, your Kingdom will be established upon this soil, upon the Rock, a Kingdom that can NOT be shaken. Amen

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Katy said...

WOW....Asher did such a great job helping his friends!! And I am SO appreciative of his efforts..and your prayers. They are really coming HOME...SOON.