Chilly but Fun!

I feel like the month of February is going on forever. Maybe it's all the snow we've had. NJ has had record high snow falls! Back to back blizzards and let me tell you...I'm ready for spring! I do like the snow but Asher's body is not a fan of cold. He does well considering but we aren't pushing him. So I've been a little stir crazy. The boys have been out some. Evan loves the snow and gets upset whenever I mention "melting" and "spring" :)
These pictures were taken during one of the storms. It was so pretty to look at...
...but it was beginning to look like Narnia out there!

Evan and Asher are bonding wonderfully. Better than I could imagine. We have our little "tiffs" but it's all normal. Evan really enjoys having a playmate and on the days Evan goes to preschool, Asher always asks "wheres Evan". They layed on the couch putting their feet together like this for about 20 minutes...love it!

After the most recent storm we sent the 4 year old out to shovel...I told him "good job" as I waved from the front door watching :D

My grandson Levi came to visit on a sunny day so we all went out back in the snow...it looked so pretty but enough is enough

Not only is February 14th Valentines Day, this year it marked the first day of Chinese New Year. We went to a Lunar NY celebration to see the Lion Dance, do crafts, have some fun and to escape the snow and chilling temps! It was all indoors...one of these years we'll drive into Chinatown and check out their celebration. Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days. We decorate the house and give out red envelopes and manderines (symbol to wish good fortune and prosperity) to the little ones. We were never big Valentines celebraters ( maybe a little), but I think as the kids get older we will bring more of the Chinese New Year celebration into our home...Next weekend I'm planning to invite the family over for Chinese Food and to celebrate the Lantern Festival, which is the last day of Chinese NY. For more information you can go Here.

I'm hoping to update more as the temperature rises and the sun gets stronger! I'm so ready for spring.


Kathy C. said...

Really nice pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Celebrating CNY tomorrow.
I wish I could see Narnia outside my window...sniff...

Laura L. said...

Love seeing the pictures of the boys on the couch and of them looking out the window. So sweet.
I had to laugh, that Evan gets upset if you talk about melting snow. I am starting to long for spring myself. I won't be sad to see the snow leave.