Gosh, I have no time to update the blog! Much has happened since the last time I checked in. We celebrated birthdays, experienced beautiful spring days...even before spring was officially here, and readopted Asher! Oh glory, he is officially "Asher" and will receive a birth certificate from our state indicating that. March 12 will always be a day to celebrate around here. And it's funny that the Lord gave me a glimpse of this day 6 long years ago...at that time I had no clue, that I would have these 2 wonderful, energetic boys in my life. God is amazing. 6 years ago a entered a n*rsing program only to withdrawal after a back injury. I could barely walk or sit for about 3 months and was distraught, but God had a better plan. I am now a full time mom (and believe me these boys are "full time" work!) and a part time student with a completely different direction for my ed*cation. Adopting these treasures has changed my life, my perspective, and given me a new focus for the future. My purpose is unfolding. Many years I wondered what purpose I have in God's Glorious plan. The picture is getting clearer.

Adoption Day! March 12, 2010

Mom and Melissa had a recent birthday

Evan doing some phonics, He's doing quite well with reading, and loves it too. We are finding some challenges with Evan recently. He's always had sensory issues but nothing so severe that could not be handled home. Since Asher has come home we have found these "issues" have heightened. If anyone has any advice in this area I welcome all suggestions. I may be taking him to see someone to get a formal diagnosis, and look for some therapy. He's had a lot of changes in the last 6 months. And he's not a kids who can "change" very easily.

Asher is proudly displaying his letter "A" book. Asher continues to do amazingly well, but I'm keeping my eyes open knowing things sometimes won't manifest until they're home for awhile, as with Evan. His health is good but his belly is still very bloated and we will be getting that checked out soon. He's had parasites and I suspect he may still have them. Not sure though. I'm praying that's all it is.


Kathy C. said...

The boys look good. Hoping everything settles back in place once Evan gets used to having Asher home.

Julie said...

So excited for you! It is amazing the places God takes us!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

I'm so glad God had a plan, and you listened!
I love you, my friend!