An Artist...among other things...

LiXue is an artist...she won first place in a contest with this drawing. We will soon be receiving some of her art that she gave to the adoption coordinator when she was in China! I'm very excited! Here are some other things about our girl:

She can use her language skills to express herself clearly.She speaks with a clear, resonant and captivating voice.She likes to speak in public and enjoys reciting poems and singing.

She has good character and morals; is honest and kind, and treats people fairly and equally. She demonstrates empathy and has a good sense of right and wrong.(LiXue)is active and especially likes to play basketball. She’s also athletic.

She respects her teachers and other adults. She gets along well with her friends and helps her caretaker with chores. She has an extroverted character,communicates easily with others and enjoys outdoor activities.


Bill and Christina said...

That is so exciting! She sounds so wonderful!

kayder1996 said...

Is she the same 13 year old whom you were advocating for a while back with club feet? Just curious. I'm anxious to see her face =)

myperfectlyimperfectfamily said...

I am so happy for you guys! Can't wait to see pics of this amazing girl! She sounds like an absolute sweetheart!

Best wishes,
Christen Beaudoin

Anonymous said...

I love her !