We're Off....and running!

As I said before, here we go again. Adopting is never an easy, walk in the park, experience. It's got to be the longest pregnancy, labor, and delivery known to women! Asher's pregnancy took an eternity...but oh, so sweet once he finally came home. God teaches through those days of waiting for something to happen. I have rivers of journal entries I may share throughout the year. China is a bit easier than most countries...at least you expect some kind of timeline to be followed. But I'm really not sure "easy" is a good way to describe waiting. I can't wait until I can show you a picture of this beautiful child.  (Leesheh) is not far from Beijing.

We had our first homestudy last night. This part is less nerve-wracking this time but I still get nervous. It also gives me a good reason to scrub the house :) Praying for that boat load of money! And we know God is in control...He's already there!

Lixue will probably be our last adoption. She's had a very rough start to life and will need us to help her into adulthood. We are committed to her as we lay this journey at His feet, she is His child.


Mike and Sherri said...

So wonderful. Love her name, wonder what it means. Will pray God'sblessings as you walk along this road once again.

Kathy C. said...

Can't wait to follow your journey.