She is beautiful...

...although her paperwork say's she is 13, I'm guessing she is 15...at least


Paper Mountians!

We Got all our paperwork back from the state of NJ and PA! Climbing that mountain and getting close to the top. I can actually see it! But where is that Homestudy! We need to get it certified as well.....

Watching and Waiting on the Lord :) He is always faithful...


Beachy keen...screamin' machine!

Tuesday's Treasures, hehehe, looking for a "catchy phrase" like all you funny, whimsy, though provoking bloggers out there. Unfortunately all I ever come up with is Tired Tuesday, or Mundane Monday. It's not like my life is always boring, although what's wrong with boring anyway? I just don't remember the funny catchy things I think about throughout the week once I'm sitting at the computer typing. So all I can come up with right now is "Tuesday Treasures" because my family really is my treasure. Here are just a few of those "gems"...and don't forget to watch the "nugget" video below the pics. Asher has 2 modes...slow/quiet or obnoxiously loud!


May is Missing no more!

I misplaced my May photos...they were put into the wrong folder and I have no idea where they went...well I found them, Yippee! Here they are, and you thought I forgot all about May didn't you, hehe?!
Levi had a 4th birthday...here he is with Aunt Lauren all lock up together
Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me
Bradley graduated from Rowan University in May. He actually did back in December but had to walk in the spring. He now has his Bachelors Degree and is working on his Masters...
Very proud of our baby. Next year we will have a very active spring; Bradley will get his Masters, Amy will Graduate from Nursing, and LiXue will be coming home! Well, there is a good chance that LiXue will be home during the winter...maybe even this year.
We had pretty warm weather in May, at least at the beginning...got our poor man water park entertainment system in place :)
And the azalia's were in full bloom...but look; MOLD on the house! Gotta get that powerwasher out!
We also watched caterpillars become butterflys and let them go
It was a bittersweet day watching our butterflys flutter away...I think they come back to visit every once and a while...yup, I think they do!


Closer & Closer and a Day Out with Thomas!

Adoption paperwork is on it's way for state certifications! Pray there are no glitches! Still waiting for a finalized homestudy...hoping to hear something soon. Once we have that done, we can send our I800a asking for approval to bring an adopted child to the US...or something like that. You think I'd know since this is my 3rd international adoption, right?! Just point me to the hoops and I'll jump, and show me where to sign. Anyhoo...

On a different note, we went and spent a Day Out With Thomas ...and boy did we have fun!!! Our first time with our Grandson and Asher. We had fun, the boys were really excited!

They're 2, They're 4, They're 6, They're 8....Shunting trucks and pulling freight....

And after a long hard day playing at the train yard...it was time for bed :) nite nite!


Fun Summer and it's not even summer!

Gosh I'm having so much fun! Well, first is first...we have our winners! Thank you all for entering our fundraiser raffle. We raised over $500! and I've been blessed with more jewelry that I'm going to try and sell on Ebay. I'm praying that Lixue will be home BEFORE the year's end...let's see how this goes :)

It's awesome now that Asher is home. So Much Fun watching him do these things for the very first time. I remember how depressed I was feeling just one year ago without him...this time last year I tried desparately to keep it together everytime we would go out as a family. We played mini golf last Friday and the boys had a blast. We were here last June (Check it out)....I got a picture in the same spot in front of the waterfall last year with Daddy and Evan...hehe...now we have Asher :) Praising God!

I know Asher looks in pain here but he's actually saying "cheese"
Who's the dork in the waterfall
I think I hear angels singing....
Asher's technique is low on standard but high on fun to watch!
and of course you can't forget how popular golf hockey is...what? you never heard of golf hockey?

Good to get out in the fresh air. Next post, A Day Out With Thomas!!!!!!!!!!


Fundraiser Winners Yet?!

Not Yet! Sorry about the delay but I'm giving a few more people a few extra hours to get in on the fun! So if you haven't donated yet, with a chance to win some really nice prizes, DO IT NOW! Click here to see what you can win!

I'm also getting my PayPal button working so you can use it, sorry if you tried the Chip-In and it wasn't working recently. The button should be located at the top of the page.

I will let you know very very soon who the winners of our fundraiser are...GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU! We are one step close to getting Li*ue home, wooo hoooo!


The Boys

Goodness gracious I am so bad at updating this blog. I think my issue is I hate to proof read and then I find like a zillion typos to correct AFTER I'm done and it's already posted. It doesn't help that I'm dyslexic or something like that ...not sure of the spelling of that and I'm too lazy to check it :P

Boys are playing happily (is that a word) on the floor with their Thomas trains and tracks. They get along so well, almost too well. They also like to get into trouble together. Evan is the master mind and Asher the sinister side kick...both out to drive mommy insane! But all joking aside, they are a blessing. Love to see them interact.Earlier Evan was upset about something (happens frequently) and he shouted out, "I wan't a hug from Asher"...it was so random but he really just wanted a hug from his brother. Cute.

We've been trying to help Evan in social settings. It's a challenge for him to even say "hello" to someone he doesn't know, and sometimes someone he knows. This is my summer project. Saying "hi", being polite even when you don't want to, eye contact, and not running out of the room or hiding when an adult is talking to you. Crazy kid. He gets so much attention too. "Your son is so cute", "What a cute kid", Cute, Cute, Cute,...really I dislike him hearing how cute he is all the time. But then I'm embarassed after they say how "cute" he is and he rudely looks the other way with a "auggh" sound coming from under his breath! Yeah. right. cute! So I think we will make plently of opportunities for our emperor to be polite this summer. In China, his sir name was Xia (Sha).. wasn't the Xia the early rulers in China???? I think the name fits.

Asher is just the welcoming committee. I have to remind him NOT to talk and say hello to EVERYONE. He has begun to look at me now when someone says hi to him to see if it's ok to wave...good boy :)
What does this picture say about Asher!

Asher's language is going somewhat slow. He is making progress but I think he's going to need help. And He doesn't seem to be grasping "colors" at all...well, he does know the color yellow, but the rest are all "green" to him.....


All about Evan :)

Evan had his 5th birthday so we all went to Chuck E Cheeses or as Evan and Levi call it "Chucky Cheesus" LOL. He also graduated preschool but I need to get those pictures from my friend Lois. My hubby is a wonderful man, but no photographer. I couldn't make it to the graduation so I was not there to take the pictures. He tried but, well, let's just say he "tried". I was heart broken not to be there. But he did get some video clips that I can post soon. for now...Happy Birthday Evan!!!!

Grandson Levi ridin' in the "breeze"

Happy Birthday to you.....
Not sure he's happy
My angel baby
He looks happy here!!!
Chuck E. himself!!!!!!!!!! Evan really did't want to get too close...still! Asher wasn't exactly sure either...
splish splash! and havin some fun :)