All about Evan :)

Evan had his 5th birthday so we all went to Chuck E Cheeses or as Evan and Levi call it "Chucky Cheesus" LOL. He also graduated preschool but I need to get those pictures from my friend Lois. My hubby is a wonderful man, but no photographer. I couldn't make it to the graduation so I was not there to take the pictures. He tried but, well, let's just say he "tried". I was heart broken not to be there. But he did get some video clips that I can post soon. for now...Happy Birthday Evan!!!!

Grandson Levi ridin' in the "breeze"

Happy Birthday to you.....
Not sure he's happy
My angel baby
He looks happy here!!!
Chuck E. himself!!!!!!!!!! Evan really did't want to get too close...still! Asher wasn't exactly sure either...
splish splash! and havin some fun :)


Kathy C. said...

That little pool looks like a lot lot fun.

Salzwedel Family said...

Happy Birthday Evan!