The Boys

Goodness gracious I am so bad at updating this blog. I think my issue is I hate to proof read and then I find like a zillion typos to correct AFTER I'm done and it's already posted. It doesn't help that I'm dyslexic or something like that ...not sure of the spelling of that and I'm too lazy to check it :P

Boys are playing happily (is that a word) on the floor with their Thomas trains and tracks. They get along so well, almost too well. They also like to get into trouble together. Evan is the master mind and Asher the sinister side kick...both out to drive mommy insane! But all joking aside, they are a blessing. Love to see them interact.Earlier Evan was upset about something (happens frequently) and he shouted out, "I wan't a hug from Asher"...it was so random but he really just wanted a hug from his brother. Cute.

We've been trying to help Evan in social settings. It's a challenge for him to even say "hello" to someone he doesn't know, and sometimes someone he knows. This is my summer project. Saying "hi", being polite even when you don't want to, eye contact, and not running out of the room or hiding when an adult is talking to you. Crazy kid. He gets so much attention too. "Your son is so cute", "What a cute kid", Cute, Cute, Cute,...really I dislike him hearing how cute he is all the time. But then I'm embarassed after they say how "cute" he is and he rudely looks the other way with a "auggh" sound coming from under his breath! Yeah. right. cute! So I think we will make plently of opportunities for our emperor to be polite this summer. In China, his sir name was Xia (Sha).. wasn't the Xia the early rulers in China???? I think the name fits.

Asher is just the welcoming committee. I have to remind him NOT to talk and say hello to EVERYONE. He has begun to look at me now when someone says hi to him to see if it's ok to wave...good boy :)
What does this picture say about Asher!

Asher's language is going somewhat slow. He is making progress but I think he's going to need help. And He doesn't seem to be grasping "colors" at all...well, he does know the color yellow, but the rest are all "green" to him.....


Huffman's Blog to China said...

Katie had the same issue with colors. Everything was blue. I had her evaluated for speach thru the school system and they told me to always give her two colors to choose from and always make the first one the right one. It has worked wonders. She is doing so much better with her colors. Try that and see if it helps. I was afraid that Katie was colored blind or something.

Kathy C. said...

I wish the twins were less friendly. When we're out everyone wants to hug them whether they even know us or not and that's a bonding nightmare. So we're keeping close to home.

Anita said...

Hey Terry...add us in for $10 for the dream pendant fundraiser if you haven't drawn for it yet. Sorry this is so late. HUGS!!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Ahhh, Ellie was slow to learn colors, too. Language will come, dear friend.