Fun Summer and it's not even summer!

Gosh I'm having so much fun! Well, first is first...we have our winners! Thank you all for entering our fundraiser raffle. We raised over $500! and I've been blessed with more jewelry that I'm going to try and sell on Ebay. I'm praying that Lixue will be home BEFORE the year's end...let's see how this goes :)

It's awesome now that Asher is home. So Much Fun watching him do these things for the very first time. I remember how depressed I was feeling just one year ago without him...this time last year I tried desparately to keep it together everytime we would go out as a family. We played mini golf last Friday and the boys had a blast. We were here last June (Check it out)....I got a picture in the same spot in front of the waterfall last year with Daddy and Evan...hehe...now we have Asher :) Praising God!

I know Asher looks in pain here but he's actually saying "cheese"
Who's the dork in the waterfall
I think I hear angels singing....
Asher's technique is low on standard but high on fun to watch!
and of course you can't forget how popular golf hockey is...what? you never heard of golf hockey?

Good to get out in the fresh air. Next post, A Day Out With Thomas!!!!!!!!!!

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