May is Missing no more!

I misplaced my May photos...they were put into the wrong folder and I have no idea where they went...well I found them, Yippee! Here they are, and you thought I forgot all about May didn't you, hehe?!
Levi had a 4th birthday...here he is with Aunt Lauren all lock up together
Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me
Bradley graduated from Rowan University in May. He actually did back in December but had to walk in the spring. He now has his Bachelors Degree and is working on his Masters...
Very proud of our baby. Next year we will have a very active spring; Bradley will get his Masters, Amy will Graduate from Nursing, and LiXue will be coming home! Well, there is a good chance that LiXue will be home during the winter...maybe even this year.
We had pretty warm weather in May, at least at the beginning...got our poor man water park entertainment system in place :)
And the azalia's were in full bloom...but look; MOLD on the house! Gotta get that powerwasher out!
We also watched caterpillars become butterflys and let them go
It was a bittersweet day watching our butterflys flutter away...I think they come back to visit every once and a while...yup, I think they do!

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Kathy C. said...

Congrats to Bradley!