Bearing Fruit

My garden is beautiful this year. It actually has grown even bigger and more beautiful since these pictures where taken.
I never had a garden that actually lived...really. Except maybe a few plantings in the front.
But this year I had all the tools I needed and was mindful of what I needed to keep it going. including some organic pesticide. In the past, by the time July comes around, everything was overgrown or dead from neglect or lack of time and understanding what exactly I needed to do to keep it alive!
Now, every morning I go out on our back porch and pray. I look out the window and remember how blessed I am. I never really spent so much time on the porch before. God couldn't have given me a more precious gift this summer. It's a reminder of how much more I have today, than I had yesterday. I'm not talking about "things", I'm talking about understanding, love, family, and God almighty working all things together for good. I love the Lord with all my heart and my hearts desire is to seek Him daily. Everything else just "works" when I do. Maybe not my way, but always His way. Bearing Fruit.

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