Sent a package!

We sent a letter to our daughter. Included in the package was the translated letter with a stamped envelope to send us a response, candy for the foster family, a snoopy shirt, and another piece of clothing we are sure of? and photos of the family. We did specifically ask to send clothing. We used Ladybugsnlove.com and Angela was very helpful! Now we will see if I get any response. I also included other information but for privacy I opted to leave out that information here. The letter is below.
Dear Li *ue,
We are very excited to tell you that we are adopting you. We are working hard to gather all the paperwork necessary...

Our family is very excited to meet you. We are a Christian family and go to church. We have many friends at church and a youth group for young people your age. You will make many friends here. You have two older sisters ... You have one older brother, ... and two younger brothers... who are both adopted. Evan was born in Shaanxi, China and Asher was born in the country Haiti. We also have three dogs, Veda and Izzy and Bear. I hope you will like them. They need a new friend to love them.

Every night, before Evan would go to bed, he would pray for a sister. Now his prayer is answered, we are very happy!

We like the outdoors. Although Momma is not a sports fan, the rest of the family loves sports. We also love music and the boys all play video games. I’m sure you will enjoy doing that with them. We live in...., not far from the Atlantic Ocean and often go there for entertainment and amusements. There is a lot to do during the summer at the beach!
• What are your favorite colors?
• What do you like to do for fun?
• What grade are you in at school? What is your favorite subject?
• Do you know any English?
• What do you like to eat and do you cook? You may need to teach me!
You are very beautiful and have a lovely smile. I saw some of your artwork. You are a gifted artist. Maybe you can do more art when you come to the US.

We want to know everything about you. I know how difficult it will be to leave China and your foster family, but we will love you and help you through your sadness. We can stay in contact with your foster family and any friends you have in China if we can. I think you will like the United States. Many opportunities if you seek them.

We are excited and anticipate the day you can come home to live with us here in America…to be a forever family! Try and learn some English so we can communicate but don’t worry too much about it, we will manage! I hope you like your clothing and the pictures.

Love, Your Momma and Dad (Baba), Amy, Lauren, Bradley, Evan, and Asher


Kathy C. said...

I hope she will be very excited about the adoption.

Bill and Christina said...

So wonderful! So excited for you!

One Happy Momma said...

Love the shirt. It so looks like her. :)

Can't wait to get our package sent to Michael.

Blessings and hugs -


Nikki said...

Aw, she will love it!

Tracy said...

Awww your letter made me cry! We are using Lady Bugs N Love too and Angela and Kelly are awesome! I just sent her our final pictures today so hopefully soon she will get it all together and get our package out to our big guy so he knows he has a family waiting for him!