Fingerprints Today!

We did a walk-in at USCIS for fingerprinting today and it was a success thanks to our dear friends the Worrells! Now we wait for the last piece of the paperwork puzzle. It's a wonderful feeling. We should recieve this last piece of legal paperwork in about 2 weeks.

Once our fingerprints are cleared, and we recieve the approval letter, have a copy state sealed, we will gather all of our legal paperwork and have it authenticated by the consulate. I'm thinking it could all be on it's way to China Oct 1st...really I want it done by Sept 20th! hmmmm, that's what I'm praying.Ok, I'll give it till the 21st :D

I think I'm going to use this blog (if possible) for my China travel. And our shutterfly site for extra photos. just thinking. It feels more and more real to me now.

God is the Master orchastrater, and everything is in His hands. Thanks goodness because I would have it all messed up!


Workboxes for Homeschool

I've been toying with this idea of workboxes. I briefly heard about this system during The Schoolhouse Online EXPO last spring and it interested me from the beginning.

So last night I went to the dollar store to buy something that could hold our current homeschool subjects. We've been doing phonics and reading throughout the summer. We are also learning about the world and the different continents. I recently added Singapore math and as always, Sonlight's PreK reading. Many of the story's we are reading go perfectly with our "world" study.

Back to workboxes..."This is just a test"! I hate "investing" without testing :) I ran to the dollar store to get some "boxes" to test whether or not we'd be interested in this. I haven't listened to the entire Expo session yet and I'm just winging this but I put my boxes up on our homeschool shelf and filled them with our current curriculum. Since we aren't doing a full school day yet I'm only using about 5/6 boxes each (I'm using the boxes for Asher too since he likes to do "school" along with Evan) I put in order the work I had written out to do today.

When Evan saw what I did he was so excited and couldn't wait to do his work! Hmmmmm, I think this might work. I'll need to invest more time into working this out if it's truly going to work. The reaction I got from Evan excites me. Even Asher was excited.

I don't know why I'm surprised, Evan is very systematic and loves organization...oh this mom really has a lot to learn! I think I may buy this book...maybe...


A DHS Boo Boo

We got our receipt letter today and I was so excited as they just receive our I800a application last week and we already got the receipt letter~then I looked at it and they have the wrong amount paid...and they don't have my son Bradley listed. Uggg. But I emailed them hoping someone will read the email first thing on Monday morning. I also attached our cancelled check. I have a feeling someone logged us in the system without our adult son for biometrics. The amount shown on the receipt was exactly $80 short...$80 is the cost of fingerprinting. Can't do anything other than pray, so I'm choosing to rejoice in Jesus knowing He's ultimately in control.

If I don't get a response on Monday I will call.

When I emailed I also requested to have our fingerprints done on the 26th or 27th of this month as opposed to the end of next months, which would have been more likely. Bradley is going to Honduras on a mission trip and along with his going to college, and student teaching, these are the only 2 days he has open. Anything else would be really difficult to swing. I realize the chance of them doing this is slim. I even called them last week and asked before I got the receipt letter. They said no. But I'm praying that this mistake will turn it around and they will say yes!

Pray this all get worked out. And as I said, I'm rejoicing in Jesus and choosing to think on His goodness and mercy...


Asher Dasher

The Lack of posts lately is due to pain in my upper back...I'm hoping it gets taken care of soon because I'd like to go on with life and get a full night sleep!

Ok on with "things". Forgive me for lack of "editting". Our Asher Dasher is doing so well, but lately we've run into some issues that are definitely related to living in an orphanage for almost 3 years. For the most part he really is doing well, considering where he's come from, untreated sickle cell, and 3 extended stays at the hospital since last fall. Sometimes it's hard to see how fragile he truly is when you see him playing with his friends and rough-housing with his brother. But he is fragile. We did noticed from the beginning his fine motor skill are very well developed, but large motor is extremely delayed. He's delayed in most developmental areas...I'd say he is still on a 2 year old level. But he is progressing.
Learning simple new things have been challenging, learning the language has been a challenge too. But he is learning inch by inch! There was a period he had no language at all, which is common for internationally adoption kids. He would just hum everything he wanted to say...like, if he wanted a drink instead of saying "drink please", he would say "hmmmm hmmmm". He still does this sometimes especially when he wakes up and I need to remind him to use words. He's being silly in the photo below... he loves when you laugh at him for being silly so he decided to put his shirt on the wrong way to make us laugh, and we did :D funny how independent this kids is when it comes to self care.
For the longest time he just didn't know how to play. He still follows along with Evan and my Grandson Levi, not really knowing whats going on, just following along. He has developed more of an imagination, finally. at first we rarely would see him "pretend". Now he will for short periods, then clean everything up and say, "all done momma". He would rather clean up and put things away then play. It seems to comfort him. He's also still very clingy, although he will play in children's church. He also still has very little control of his emotions and volume. He's either quiet and somber or loud and obnoxious. Although this has progressed somewhat. But in the heat of the moment he wouldn't think twice about cracking someone over the head with something if he gets too excited. He's not aggressive, just not on a 3 1/2 year old level. More like an 18/24 month old would. He also still needs to touch everything in site. I'm so glad he's not a very hyper child because we would seriously be in trouble!
I'm planning on having the school evaluate him soon. I didn't want to do it right away because I wanted him to have some language before they classify him with "something". But now I'm ready and I think he does need some extra help. Once we can identify exactly where he needs more support, then we can focus on those areas more. Right now I just see him struggling. All in all he really is a happy kid. He loves his family and we love him to pieces. He does nestle peacefully in my arms and snuggles, my favorite moments. He plays momma, daddy,and baby all the time. He is such a fragile treasure from God. And I pray God helps us get to through the haze...and that smart individual emerges I know is in there.


Homestudy Finished!

It was dated July 28th. Whew! That's a chunk off my mind :) Now on to fingerprints for USCIS!

I can almost see the end of this paperwork tunnel...well, we still need to send it all to the Chinese consulate in NY for Authenticating the NJ state notary seal signatures that confirmed the notary who signed it was legit...on each document....adding up to lots of $$$$. but we are almost there...

The light is getting brighter, really it is...I can see it!