A DHS Boo Boo

We got our receipt letter today and I was so excited as they just receive our I800a application last week and we already got the receipt letter~then I looked at it and they have the wrong amount paid...and they don't have my son Bradley listed. Uggg. But I emailed them hoping someone will read the email first thing on Monday morning. I also attached our cancelled check. I have a feeling someone logged us in the system without our adult son for biometrics. The amount shown on the receipt was exactly $80 short...$80 is the cost of fingerprinting. Can't do anything other than pray, so I'm choosing to rejoice in Jesus knowing He's ultimately in control.

If I don't get a response on Monday I will call.

When I emailed I also requested to have our fingerprints done on the 26th or 27th of this month as opposed to the end of next months, which would have been more likely. Bradley is going to Honduras on a mission trip and along with his going to college, and student teaching, these are the only 2 days he has open. Anything else would be really difficult to swing. I realize the chance of them doing this is slim. I even called them last week and asked before I got the receipt letter. They said no. But I'm praying that this mistake will turn it around and they will say yes!

Pray this all get worked out. And as I said, I'm rejoicing in Jesus and choosing to think on His goodness and mercy...

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Chris said...

Don't you love when you get important mail on the weekend. Especially mail that has a problem.
Praying it gets worked out painlessly