For those who pray...

It's been challenging, the adoption paperwork I mean. But it's almost done. My last piece is on it's way this very moment. It should arrive in about an hour. Then it will get gathered up and handed over to our agency, MAA, to do the rest. Then off it goes to China.

But I have a request, please pray. Our biggest challenge right now is the money. But this is not an appeal for money. I'm not opposed to doing that, I just feel in my heart that we are to ask for prayer warriors to pray along side of us for our Girl...for her to come home. She WILL come home. And, if you feel so led, please GRAB my "Praying LiXue Home" button on the left sidebar and put it on your blog to remind us all to continue to pray in faith for her homecoming.

When I finally see LiXue, and she is home forever, I'll know it was God's Mighty Hand along with those that prayed...


Isaiah 43

5 Do not be afraid, for I am with you;
I will bring your children from the east
and gather you from the west.
6 I will say to the north, ‘Give them up!’
and to the south, ‘Do not hold them back.’
Bring my sons from afar
and my daughters from the ends of the earth—
7 everyone who is called by my name,
whom I created for my glory,
whom I formed and made.”


What a difference -Thank you ALL!

It's the anniversary of Asher's homecoming. To all those who blessed us during the months of July-December 2009...THANK YOU! Over and over I am reminded what an awesome God I have, and what wonderful people He has put into our lives. It brings me to tears to meditate on His goodness as I reflect on the past year with Asher. Thank You, every one of you who prayed, loved, and contributed to Asher's homecoming...we are blessed beyond measure and we love everyone of you....

This time last year Asher came home from Haiti, also, he came home from his first five days in the USA at Dupont Children's Hospital. It was such a scary time. But he did finally come HOME! If you click on the Haitian Prince tab above you'll find more information.

He was one sick little boy. So sick that I wondered whether he was going to have long term damage or even die.
 And the mourning in his heart....I can honestly say I NEVER saw such a sad little boy in my entire life. He grieved terribly. Which compounded his crisis and infection. But Asher has gone from this little sad face.....

To this Amazingly happy, joy filled 3 year old boy! He may have been the saddest little boy I ever met...but I can now say that he is the HAPPIEST 3 year old I ever met!!! We praise God for this gift of joy!
There is not a day that goes by that we don't see this God filled little person smile ear to ear and laugh such a LOUD belly laugh that you don't know if he's in pain or what! God named him Asher...it means blessed, fortunate, Happy! it fits him perfectly...and everyone who knows him are blessed and fortunate to be touched by his Joy! God will do great things with this child! And that is no exaggeration!


Autumn Moon...

We didn't see it but we knew it was there! Just before dusk a thick overcast rolled in preventing us from seeing the Harvest moon...but that didn't stop us from having a little Harvest Moon time in our back yard...
We did not have the traditional "mooncakes" but loved our Choc chip cookies and Ringdings! Yummy!
We sat by the fire and told a traditional Chinese story about the Autumn Moon, talked about there being only one God, who is God almighty, and prayed together for the people of Asia, who celebrate this day as well.
It really was a fun and peaceful time for all :)
Then the heavens opened up and it rain...since we really need the rain here in the Northeast, I'm not complaining!



FINALLY!!!! I800A approval in hand... Lord God I pray for the money we need to get past this phase. I pray to hand this paperwork offically over to China to be offically PAPER PREGNANT! For that conception to take place. To begin counting down those days. And preparing for travel. And praying about transitions. And. And. And. But I rejoice in you because you are Lord of Lords and Lord over all!


Happy Birthday to you...Hey!

The little brother beats her to the blow!!! and boy can this family sing :)

specializing in Lazy

We had a late summer vacation at the outer banks. Unfortunately, we picked the same the same week to visit as hurrican Earl. All tourist were evacuated...but we did have some nice lazy family time before E showed up. Actually, he never really showed up, just made a lot of people nervous.

The beach was beautiful but we couldn't swim due to the rough surf and riptides. I never got a picture of our beach time though...I didn't actually spent too much time on the beach. I had planned to do that at the end of the week...but never got a chance.

Brad and Grandma B made an awesome pancake breakfast! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

It's a rare event to sit done with the family all together!
The hot tub was a hit! but not very hot at the moment with the little ones swimming.

We sung Happy Birthday to my darling daughter Amy! Wow, 27 years old....whew!
Evan begged for us all to play mini golf for his Forever Family Day even though the actual day was the week before. He wanted everyone to be there...and it was HOT! 10am and already 90 degrees

As the Hurricane approached we noticed less and less tourist. So we did our last day of touring and decided to head home in the morning. Good thing too since they evacuated the next morning. We were already packed and missed the traffic :)

We headed home 2 days earlier than planned, but we did spend some beach time close to home with our dear friends....awesome way to spend Labor Day and end the summer on a positive blessed note.

The whole time on vacation I thought to myself, "next year we will have a teenager to entertain!" I can't wait to figure all the "teenager" stuff out. Maybe instead of vacation, we'll go on a mission trip. Is it too soon to show my newly adopted daughter what it means to reach out to a world in need? God Bless!


How Nerve Wracking was That!!!

Well, our prints were approved and the approval letter is in the mail....wooohoooo! Note to self: when you do a "walk-in" at the USCIS fingerprinting office, make sure you call your officer or he WILL NOT know that approval is awaiting.

We realized that we could not possibly all go for fingerprints for I800a approval in September (when we were schduled) so we did a walk-in early, on Aug 27 (see post below somewhere) But I did not inform our officer when we did that (I actually did not know I had an officer at the time)so he put our file in the order of the appointment date, which is today. After I waited for almost 3 weeks, I finally contacted NBC processing. And yup, our approval is now on it's way to us....finally. So next week we will get our state seal. And then off to be authenticated...then to China! So we are looking at an early OCT DTC. I fully expected to be logged-in to China in September. Oh well, we aren't off the mark too much. This is one of the first pictures we saw of Li*ue...spring of 2009. She's waited way too long, time to come home.


Tell Me More Homeschool English Program

Has anyone used an English language program to help teach your non-English speaking son or daughter English, grammar and writing? We want to try and home school LiXue but the thought of teaching her to read and write in English is making me somewhat apprehensive. I'm not the best English teacher, I have trouble reading and writing my own language :)

So while praying this morning, the idea came to me that we could use a computer program to teach her. I wasn't even aware you could buy an English language program for non English speakers. I'm not sure why it never occurred to me that they exist.

While researching Rosetta Stone English for Homeschooling I found that no grammar is taught. But during my search I found THIS It looks pretty good and it includes grammer. Has anyone else used this for their adopted kids? LiXue being almost 14 by the time she gets home doesn't leave us much time for trial and error when it comes to her education. I figure if I can find a way to teach her English she will have an easier time with every aspect of her education. So, this may be an area we can hyper focus. Of course, I have no idea how reseptive she will be to the English language :) These programs are very pricey but I have 3 months to decide whether it's working or not. I think Rosetta stone is 6 months. I obviously won't get this until she is home but I'd like to have some kind of plan in place.

I contacted the company to find out if she would be able to use this herself.


OK, where is it?

I have no idea who this person is getting fingerprinted :) But I'm wondering if she went crazy waiting for approval as I am! Really, I'm insane at the moment. I thought for sure I would have approval by now. I'm not sure why I had this crazy short timeline in my head but I did.

Tomorrow? Perhaps? I found myself half sleeping and half awake early this morning dreaming of being in China with LiXue. Being without my hubby and little boys and family. I'm so torn between wanting to go, and not wanting to leave my family. Lord give me strength. I have never been away from Brad so long in our entire 27 years of marraige. And I have never been away from the boys. I worry about Asher and his reaction...will my absence cause a sc crisis? Oh, I need to rest. Lord Jesus give me your peace.

We will also begin renovations to Li*ue's room...we have to because it's unlivable the way it is. pictures will follow. I'm praying we can get it done. Praying for diligence! on our part! And time.



I got 4 receipts from the Department of Homeland Security for the application fee and fingerprinting fees. 4 receipts! and 3 of them came this week! Every time I get one of these envelopes in the mail I think it's my approval letter since we have already been fingerprinted ...what a let down!

I need to take a deep breath....


Evacuated and Getting Ready

Nobody visits anymore...can't blame them. I've turned into a absentee blogger. Time, where are you? I'm thinking once we get back into a schedule it will get better. I'm getting excited about starting homeschooling. Wooohooo, I love getting ready! I have Evan signed up for soccer with the Christian Homeschool association and Daddy is coaching. We plan to go to the library this fall (and eventually Levi later in the season) at least once a week for story/craft time. I also like storytime at the Barns and Noble. Gotta love the free stuff :) They have a train table too and can play with the other kids. We actually have wooden trains and tracks home, but there is just something about going out. Love the fall weather and I'm looking forward to that too :D

We went to OBX for vacation and was evacuated yesterday due to Hurricane Earl. So here I sit with time on my hands. The holiday weekend has no plans for me at the moment. We are all just lazing around...did I mention we all got a summer cough/cold? But tomorrow I refuse to laze around, got to get out on the last official weekend of summer.

Pix of our interrupted vacation will follow once I get them off my camera. For now you can enjoy a little puppet show the boys performed for us awhile back...

Last summer I helped Evan make a puppet theater with a cardboard bi-fold display I picked up at ACMoore. I pulled it out...
Then I went online and found cute little fish and sharks (also some barnyard animals for fun!) to cut out

We cut them out and taped them on craft sticks (ok, this is actually a picture of the boys cutting the barnyard animals, but you get the idea

Then they made up silly shows for us all to watch. My original idea was to read a book with them and then act it out...but we will have to save that one for the fall. I plan to make a new puppet theater, maybe a farm theme...

Here's video of one of the quick little sharky plays that mommy took over. Of course, the end of each play was someone eating someone else so I was trying to encourage a happy ending with no eating...boys and moms...hehe! I had no part in the bad camera angle, that was Dad :)