How Nerve Wracking was That!!!

Well, our prints were approved and the approval letter is in the mail....wooohoooo! Note to self: when you do a "walk-in" at the USCIS fingerprinting office, make sure you call your officer or he WILL NOT know that approval is awaiting.

We realized that we could not possibly all go for fingerprints for I800a approval in September (when we were schduled) so we did a walk-in early, on Aug 27 (see post below somewhere) But I did not inform our officer when we did that (I actually did not know I had an officer at the time)so he put our file in the order of the appointment date, which is today. After I waited for almost 3 weeks, I finally contacted NBC processing. And yup, our approval is now on it's way to us....finally. So next week we will get our state seal. And then off to be authenticated...then to China! So we are looking at an early OCT DTC. I fully expected to be logged-in to China in September. Oh well, we aren't off the mark too much. This is one of the first pictures we saw of Li*ue...spring of 2009. She's waited way too long, time to come home.


Kathy C. said...

hoping things just speed along!

Bill and Christina said...

Praying she is home soon!