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We had a late summer vacation at the outer banks. Unfortunately, we picked the same the same week to visit as hurrican Earl. All tourist were evacuated...but we did have some nice lazy family time before E showed up. Actually, he never really showed up, just made a lot of people nervous.

The beach was beautiful but we couldn't swim due to the rough surf and riptides. I never got a picture of our beach time though...I didn't actually spent too much time on the beach. I had planned to do that at the end of the week...but never got a chance.

Brad and Grandma B made an awesome pancake breakfast! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

It's a rare event to sit done with the family all together!
The hot tub was a hit! but not very hot at the moment with the little ones swimming.

We sung Happy Birthday to my darling daughter Amy! Wow, 27 years old....whew!
Evan begged for us all to play mini golf for his Forever Family Day even though the actual day was the week before. He wanted everyone to be there...and it was HOT! 10am and already 90 degrees

As the Hurricane approached we noticed less and less tourist. So we did our last day of touring and decided to head home in the morning. Good thing too since they evacuated the next morning. We were already packed and missed the traffic :)

We headed home 2 days earlier than planned, but we did spend some beach time close to home with our dear friends....awesome way to spend Labor Day and end the summer on a positive blessed note.

The whole time on vacation I thought to myself, "next year we will have a teenager to entertain!" I can't wait to figure all the "teenager" stuff out. Maybe instead of vacation, we'll go on a mission trip. Is it too soon to show my newly adopted daughter what it means to reach out to a world in need? God Bless!

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Anita said...

I'm so glad you shared your family vacation pics with us...I had just been thinking about you all and am thrilled to hear that you got at least a bit of time away. Though it was cut short, it looks like you still packed in lots of fun..including the HOT miniature golf!! HUGS!!