Tell Me More Homeschool English Program

Has anyone used an English language program to help teach your non-English speaking son or daughter English, grammar and writing? We want to try and home school LiXue but the thought of teaching her to read and write in English is making me somewhat apprehensive. I'm not the best English teacher, I have trouble reading and writing my own language :)

So while praying this morning, the idea came to me that we could use a computer program to teach her. I wasn't even aware you could buy an English language program for non English speakers. I'm not sure why it never occurred to me that they exist.

While researching Rosetta Stone English for Homeschooling I found that no grammar is taught. But during my search I found THIS It looks pretty good and it includes grammer. Has anyone else used this for their adopted kids? LiXue being almost 14 by the time she gets home doesn't leave us much time for trial and error when it comes to her education. I figure if I can find a way to teach her English she will have an easier time with every aspect of her education. So, this may be an area we can hyper focus. Of course, I have no idea how reseptive she will be to the English language :) These programs are very pricey but I have 3 months to decide whether it's working or not. I think Rosetta stone is 6 months. I obviously won't get this until she is home but I'd like to have some kind of plan in place.

I contacted the company to find out if she would be able to use this herself.


Wright Family said...

I have just been looking at abekas new esl program at abekaesl.org it looks good and is cheap...Catherine

Denise said...

Just viewed your blog and wanted to post about educating/teaching English to an older adopted child.

You commented that since your daughter will be 14 when she gets here, you don't have much time. I want to encourage you to relax and take your time. You have waited so long for her to be a part of your family. She doesn't have to instantly blend into the "18 and you're out of school" paradigm that defines our culture. If she is ready to move to the next phase of her life at 18, great but if she isn't ready yet, who cares if she is 20 or even older - more time with you!

On the language acquisition, you will be amazed how quickly she will get it. Kids are sponges! The grammar will come to your newest daughter just as your other kids got it - through repeatedly hearing proper grammar spoken to them, from reading and of course through it being intentionally taught to them.

We have been home educating for 16 years. Because of the age of your daughter, the program you asked about might be a really great resource - more than just teaching her English, it will also help her keep her Chinese. Because it is primarily oral, she will be able to grasp grammar concepts from this type program very quickly. (Since she can not yet read English, any written program would not currently be useful.)

It seems crazy because she is so old but I would recommend an early reading program like Teach your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. It will be super easy for her in some ways but will challenge her in others. For instance, she is going to remember the info way better than a young child but there will be sounds that she will learn that are unique to English and she will need to learn to make her mouth make them. (hope that makes sense)

Her greatest language tools at your disposal are your 2 young sons! They will talk to her constantly and won't be intimidated by the fact that she doesn't speak English yet.While you are reading to them or while they are watching an educational dvd, your daughter will be absorbing the information.

Once English is acquired, I would recommend starting with about a 3rd or 4th grade ABEKA grammar program. The vocabulary will be simpler than an "age appropriate" level but the core grammar would be the same.

But above all, love and enjoy your new daughter! Blessings, Denise Manias

Gene and Deanna said...

HI Terry
Posted on a message board about translators in China. We used Rosetta Stone English on our home computer. The school we enrolled Emma in used the same program and that coupled with using at home and just everyday interactions with family, school mates etc, her English has improved rapidly. I think you mention your daughter has had some English in China. Same with ours but it took her a good month or so to really get comfortable speaking