Lots-a-orange, Lots-a-Prayer!

Brad and I are on a Daniels fast for the next 2 weeks. There's been so much opposition lately concerning our adoption, finances and home, and we are standing on God's promises believing He will take us through to the other side! (Isaiah 43:1-5) Our daughter is coming home, in Jesus Name...and if you have a prayer request it will be a privilege to pray for you. You can leave a comment or email me at

Ok, on to the Orange, hehe. I love orange. And the boys reflect that in their wardrobe. I guess I like all the falls colors. But they have so many orange shirts! I need to let up on the orange. :) We took a little ride on over to the local farm market for some pumpkin pictures and playing on the hay. I have to point you to last years pictures of Asher Here! Boy this kid got big!

 Evan too, looking very mature here!
 They were having a hard time looking at me since the sun was directly in their faces!
 Asher looks like he's really taking a leap, but in reality, he was faking it...but it looks great for the picture. He's actually a very good faker, :p
 Evan taking a leap of faith!!!!!
 And landing quite nicely too!!!
Oh the memories... can't they stay little forever! Evan's been wanting to do the corn maze. We did do it one year and wandered around and around and eventually "escaped" because Evan was tired. Asher is too young so we skipped it. Maybe next year. Maybe next year with Arielle! And the rest of the family too! Can't wait!


Update with the HS

Homeschooling is going rather well this fall. I took this picture about a month ago of our work boxes. It's funny to look at because everything looks so neat and clean...you should see it today! Using these boxes really has made it easy for Evan to understand "what's next" which is really important to him. And it helps me as well to stay organized. Evan actually only works out of the top 5 boxes. We are focusing on Phonics, Math, and Handwriting right now. We add Social Studies (world geography and cultures mostly) and science every now and then.
This is what I'm using for science. And it's exactly what we need :) Asher doesn't really understand what we are doing but he is still able to be included!

They both keep a science journal (pictures). Here they are drawing pictures of their recent "wind" experiment. They used straws to blow through to move cans, balls, blow bubbles in a glass of liquid, etc. We also talked about wind energy and wind farms.

I struggled with deciding on a phonics program for Evan. He truly understands phonics and reading, although his writing and fine motor skills are immature. I finally bought this program last spring and I'm glad I did. We are sailing through it nicely now, but I did modify much of the writing in the beginning. We skipped a lot of it. Most of it was unnecessary busywork. But now he is on the second book and doing much better with all the writing. Although we still skip parts of the handwriting. If he can give me the right answers, we are happy :) He's reading excellent and is actually much farther along than I expected him to be at the point.

I can't say enough about Handwriting Without Tears! I love it! Evan loves it! and that makes us all very happy. We started this program over a year ago with the Pre-K book and we still play with MatMan :) Evan is now on the next level. Even Asher gets in on the fun with his learning the alphabet. Our fav thing...the play dough letters. I can still hear the song, "Where do you start your letters? at the top!" Once Asher knows his alphabet and can recognize some of the letters, I'm starting him on the pre-K book. I actually have the whole pre-k program but I mix and match what we are doing to go along with Evan too. It's just easier that way.

We are also doing Singapore Math, Earlybird books A & B. Book A is more on a preschool level but we are flying through with confidence and that's what I'm trying to build here. Confidence! And now we are almost ready for book B which is a little more challenging.
We also use Sonlight's Exploring God's World although we tend to skip around with that. We like to switch things up. During the month of November I'll have my Grandson for 3 days during the week. I suspect that we will be doing more Science and arts and crafts during that time...and PE! We like to get outdoors when all three boys are together, you can imagine why!
 Asher was in the hospital last week with a fever. It's going to be a long winter. They took good care of him and we were all home in three days. Brad and Evan got to stay at Ronald McDonald house so Brad could drop Evan off at the hospital when he went to work to stay with me and Asher. It was a blessing that we didn't have to worry about getting Evan off to school...a positive with homeschooling that I did not anticipate. We loved our student nurse...Jess is Awesome!

 OK, I threw these last two pictures in for cuteness, Veda and Isabella are wearing their new fall sweaters, hehe. And Asher is just the cutest little doctor that I have ever seen!



Thank you to everyone who bought soap, donated and spread the word!!!


Arielle's Timeline

There's been talk of  "Time-lines" on some of my favorite Yahoo groups and I thought it was finally time to post ours so far-sorry it took so long. It's on Arielle's adoption site... just click Here and it's on the homepage, right side. Oh, and please sign the guestbook!


Father to the fatherless

I made this 2 years ago to encourage Orphan ministry. We are His hands and feet...


Did I tell you?!

We are done. officially done. NO MORE PAPERWORK...at least for now :) Yesterday we drove our adoption dossier to MAA to hand it over to them. They will then send it to the Chinese Consulate for authentication then off to China!!! I'm so glad to get that pile out of my house. The thoughts that go through my head while it's in my possession. For example, will the roof suddenly leak over top of where it's laying on the table destroying it all...or the kids puking on it... Or the dogs eating it...whatever! I'm just glad it's not in my house. And I can rest at least for a little while...what is resting anyway...?

Now to get to the important things; Prayer and more Prayer...God really does so much to this mommas heart during times like this. I'm blessed. I'll let you know when the dossier goes to China (DTC)! Not long now :)
Today we went to the Precious in His Sight Adoption and Orphan Care Conference at Fellowship Baptist Church in NJ. Oh, I am so excited to see what God is doing. Brad and I were on the adoptive parent panel. Blessed, we are truly blessed. And the fire in our hearts has only been fanned for these precious kids worldwide that need a forever family.... precious kids who need basic care, love, and US to be the hands and feet of Christ....