Lots-a-orange, Lots-a-Prayer!

Brad and I are on a Daniels fast for the next 2 weeks. There's been so much opposition lately concerning our adoption, finances and home, and we are standing on God's promises believing He will take us through to the other side! (Isaiah 43:1-5) Our daughter is coming home, in Jesus Name...and if you have a prayer request it will be a privilege to pray for you. You can leave a comment or email me at

Ok, on to the Orange, hehe. I love orange. And the boys reflect that in their wardrobe. I guess I like all the falls colors. But they have so many orange shirts! I need to let up on the orange. :) We took a little ride on over to the local farm market for some pumpkin pictures and playing on the hay. I have to point you to last years pictures of Asher Here! Boy this kid got big!

 Evan too, looking very mature here!
 They were having a hard time looking at me since the sun was directly in their faces!
 Asher looks like he's really taking a leap, but in reality, he was faking it...but it looks great for the picture. He's actually a very good faker, :p
 Evan taking a leap of faith!!!!!
 And landing quite nicely too!!!
Oh the memories... can't they stay little forever! Evan's been wanting to do the corn maze. We did do it one year and wandered around and around and eventually "escaped" because Evan was tired. Asher is too young so we skipped it. Maybe next year. Maybe next year with Arielle! And the rest of the family too! Can't wait!

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