We had been praying and fasting the past couple of weeks - finances, need I say more?...then we found out that Brad will be out of work for 2 1/2 months due to minor surgery. Did I mention we are only an one income family?! the first thing I did was panic. Then we decided to fast and pray. And it was just into a few days of this that I began to feel a total release and God's hand beginning to move. I Praise Jesus the mountains are moving. If you are feeling overwhelmed, and you have no idea what you are going to do or where the finances are going to come from, or how God can make a way where there is no way, pray...and keep praying. DON'T GIVE UP! There are mountains to be moved! People to be saved! Healing to be received! Children to be brought home!

For us, He is teaching us to stand and fight.

For you, God knows what your struggle is and He is mindful of YOU. He knows you. Everything about you and your situation. I just wanted to share the Bible scriptures in Isaiah that have been a blessing to me recently. I've also been reading in the beginning of Joshua where God's people battled for the Promised Land as they stood in obedience. I Pray these will be a blessing to you. I won't write them out as they are too long...please look them up and believe that God's hand is for you, not against you. Stand firm! (Ephesians 6:14-18)

Joshua 1-12
Isaiah 40:27-31
Isaiah 43:1-7 "because I love you" (v4)
Isaiah 54:14-17


Anita said...

Thank you so much for the scripture!! I hope and pray your husband heals quickly!!


Anita said...

LOVE these verses with Joshua...and his sidekick in some of the stories, Caleb. :) Thus, how we came to Kaleb's name. Praying for you guys and all of us who are walking the walk of faith to our children! Love ya!

kayder1996 said...

Praying for your financial provision right now....

Bill and Christina said...

Thank you Terry for fighting and standing and believing!

Christen Beaudoin said...

Boy your post really hit home! We'll be sending many prayers your way. You are an amazing family and so deep in your faith. You and your children are truly blessed! Although we may not understand it at the time, the Lord never gives us more than we can handle.

God bless,
Christen Beaudoin

One Happy Momma said...

Keeping you and Brad in my prayers.

Now time to go look up the scriptures.

Blessings -


Anonymous said...

WHOA! You have no idea how much this post means to me AND the reference to Scripture, which has been a resounding theme for me lately ... !!! Thank-you, friend and sister, :o)

Jewels of My Heart said...

Thank you so much for your prayers and for your fasting! I will be lifting your family up in prayer as well!
We are in the same boat... it's a slow boat to China but God is the captain and He is going to get us all there right on time!
God's speed and to God be the glory!
In Him,

Annie said...

Thank you for this very encouraging post and thank you so much for your prayers. I will be, in turn, praying for you and your family to have protection and provision. You are truly a blessing!

Annie said...

Thank you Terry! This post really helps so much right now. I will say a prayer for your continued provision and your hubby's recovery.

Tracy said...

Tom and I are daily lifting you and your family up in prayer! We are here if you need anything. I do love the verses you listed. We too are trusting in the Lord and know that all is under His control. We really do need to get together to pray. Love you and see you Sunday.