Happy New Year!!!

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Next post will be a short family update! But for now,


Best decision!

No, this is not one of my children, but Santa brought a trampoline very similar to this one. And it's Awesome. Evan has pretty much



Dear Mum, Dad, brothers and sisters:

I'm very happy to hear from you and receive your pictures.I love all the toys you send to me. Thank you Mum and Dad. Hope to see you soon as possible. I've been working hard with English. When we meet each other, we can make simple conversation.I hope to get a electronic dictionary which can help me to study English easily. I've been dreaming of becoming a member of your family and start a new life in the States. In the end, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Miss all of you, Mum, Dad, Brothers, Sisters.

 I can't even begin to tell you all the emotions I am feeling right now. The idea of this beautiful teenager living in my home. My daughter. Who we don't know. But there is something about this adoption that goes beyond my understanding.


My Babies

...and there's room for at least one more!!!


Just so you know :) Thank You~

You are such a blessing, thank you so much for buying soap and also your donations!


We got I800 Provisional Approval!

Woooohooooo! Found out yesterday, so last night (which was Friday morning in China) I emailed NVC in Guangzhou to see if we've been cabled yet and to please email verification of this if we have. Of course they probably didn't even receive the approval yet but I figure by the time they actually read my email it will be done! Wishful thinking? Maybe, but I'm feeling like we are in the homestretch now and we need to get our beautiful 13 year old daughter home ASAP. Of course I reminded them that she will "age out" soon and we are needing to do this soon :) Pray with us that they we will find favor and they will email our letter to us. It will really speed things up! I know this is a long shot, but I'm praying to leave in January. Mountains move in Jesus Name!


Guess What I Got?!

I'm beaming from ear to ear and teary eyed seeing what a beautiful young woman our daughter is. Truly beautiful. It looks like she is letting her hair grow! Good! We also got a note saying:
Xu Chunjin learn some simple English dialogue, She has a happy life with school teachers, students and the kids in the orphanage.

Xu Chunjin has many hobbies, in particular, like to draw, play basketball, is also very interested in computers.

When I read this I realize she is definitely in the right family!

The Photos look very current. My heart is suddenly aching for China....We also sent gifts and photos through Gifts to China with Love! Sheri you are wonderful! thank you for making this Mama very happy!

Along with the Gifts, Photos, Update note, we also got her measurements. I have an idea what she likes just by the sweatpants, sweatshirts and hoodies she has on in all her photos we have received. She's obviously an athlete. So I'm going shopping this week :)
And along with the base package, we also sent a couple baby vests and hats for the orphanage!


Who despises small beginnings? Zech. 4:10

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We are praying about our small beginnings, asking for direction as we are not a business savy family!