Happy New Year!!!

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Next post will be a short family update! But for now,

we want to thank you all for supporting our adoption through prayer, donations, and buying our Goat Milk Soap. We have been so blessed beyond measure throughout this short journey to our daughter Arielle. I say it has been "short", because our last adoption journey took 2 1/2 years. Although it has felt like an eternity, we've only been in this process since April. And the time of our waiting is soon coming to an end :)
On the other hand, Arielle has waited her entire life for a family of her own. Pray that her journey home will be met with comfort, security, & love and that we will respond to her in wisdom that comes only from above. We are blessed to have you journey with us! 
I pray to be in China by the end of winter!
Come back to see what we are all up to and our future plans for 2011!!! Happy New Year!!!!


China Dreams said...

Thank you for sharing your lives and your adoption journey.

Happy New Year!

Kelly said...

Thank you for the perspective--although our wait on this end of adoption seems endless, our children's wait is the one that truly matters. How wonderful your daughter's wait is almost over!! Praying for your requests for comfort, security and love!