Dear Mum, Dad, brothers and sisters:

I'm very happy to hear from you and receive your pictures.I love all the toys you send to me. Thank you Mum and Dad. Hope to see you soon as possible. I've been working hard with English. When we meet each other, we can make simple conversation.I hope to get a electronic dictionary which can help me to study English easily. I've been dreaming of becoming a member of your family and start a new life in the States. In the end, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Miss all of you, Mum, Dad, Brothers, Sisters.

 I can't even begin to tell you all the emotions I am feeling right now. The idea of this beautiful teenager living in my home. My daughter. Who we don't know. But there is something about this adoption that goes beyond my understanding.
The Lord bound us together, this is His plan.
 I'm not foolish. I understand all the risks. All the issues that can occur. But I see a joy in her that I did not see before. The first photos we saw early spring 2009, when we were still waiting for Asher to come home, she looked somewhat unhappy. There looked to be pain deep in her eyes. I thought that it would be hard for her to find a family. I hung her referral photo on my wall and prayed for her, as well as others from that first MAA OX  camp .
 (There is one child who is still available who was part of this camp. I'll get to her in another post.) But I don't see any of that here. I actually see hope! Maybe I'm reading into it but even the photos I received of Arielle in June she appeared very distant. Blank. Aloof. I reasoned in my mind the possibility of a learning disability.
 But I'm certain that it was a guarded heart I was seeing. Pain of being discarded? Overlooked? A medical need that made her feel unlovely? I don't know for sure...but look at her smile above. Wow! I think inside of every heart we have a need to be loved and to belong. God built that into us.
 Arielle LiXue is ours. And she knows it. She made us a card for Christmas and here she is modeling it. If you look close at the photo below you can see her signature...it reads "yours Arielle".... She's ours - and she knows it :)
She IS loved, and she does belong! I am one blessed Momma indeed!


Amy said...

Wonderful letter, beautiful card, and pretty young lady:)
Merry Christmas!

The Raudenbush Family said...

What a beautiful letter from your daughter and what an encouraging post for adoption! Can I repost this on www.wearegraftedin.com? I'd love to post it right after Christmas since it has a Christmas theme to it. :) Can you send me a short bio to use with it and a picture of you to use with the bio? Let me know ASAP. Thanks!

Anita said...

So cool, Terry, so cool!! Just makes me tear up reading and seeing and knowing all that the Lord is doing in both of your lives. :) Love ya!

Kathy C. said...

Hope she'll soon be home. I'm sure you'll have a lot of adjustments but there is for any age.

Lisa said...

What a beautiful card and note! We never got a letter from our daughter before we travelled to China for her. What a fantastic Christmas gift for your family! Arielle sounds just lovely.