Just so you know :) Thank You~

You are such a blessing, thank you so much for buying soap and also your donations!
As a way to stay accountable I wanted to let you know how we are handling the proceeds from our Soap Store besides our adoption. We feel very strong about orphan care, ministry, and adoption and starting a fund to help in those areas. I haven't tallied up the grand total of our Soap Store yet. But we've raise about $1500 from selling soap as well as the fundraiser in October. Orders do continue to trickle in here and there so I'm not done adding it up. And there's also the expenses of shipping and paying wholesale to add in...now on to what's important!....

This month we donated $150 to For His Glory Adoption Outreach, a ministry that partners with Maison des Enfants de Dieu, the orphanage in Haiti that cared for Asher. This orphanage  is home to over 70 children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. To learn more about this ministry, and to donate just click HERE! ALSO.....

We gave a gift of $200 to a  family adopting from China who are about to travel and still needing money!

I Praise God for your help in this and also in our adoption. I pray God will richly bless your family. We do plan to continue to sell soap. In weeks to come I will order new stock and begin selling once again...so if you are needing a gift to take with you to China, Check out our Soap Store!!! This fragrant and healthy goat milk soap makes a perfect gift for the nannys, guides and officials! And perfect gifts for your family as well!

And if you are still in a giving mood, and the Lord has blessed you abundantly (He Has!) then visit the links on the left sidebar and check out the adoption journeys of some precious families. Prayerfully consider making a donation. And if you would like me to add your blog/journey to my side bar just send me an email...God bless!!!


One Happy Momma said...

That is so awesome!!

You and Brad are giving so much and God is providing!

Blessings to you!


*Overflowing* said...

Awesome!!! Love to see God moving!!