Workboxes for Homeschool

I've been toying with this idea of workboxes. I briefly heard about this system during The Schoolhouse Online EXPO last spring and it interested me from the beginning.

So last night I went to the dollar store to buy something that could hold our current homeschool subjects. We've been doing phonics and reading throughout the summer. We are also learning about the world and the different continents. I recently added Singapore math and as always, Sonlight's PreK reading. Many of the story's we are reading go perfectly with our "world" study.

Back to workboxes..."This is just a test"! I hate "investing" without testing :) I ran to the dollar store to get some "boxes" to test whether or not we'd be interested in this. I haven't listened to the entire Expo session yet and I'm just winging this but I put my boxes up on our homeschool shelf and filled them with our current curriculum. Since we aren't doing a full school day yet I'm only using about 5/6 boxes each (I'm using the boxes for Asher too since he likes to do "school" along with Evan) I put in order the work I had written out to do today.

When Evan saw what I did he was so excited and couldn't wait to do his work! Hmmmmm, I think this might work. I'll need to invest more time into working this out if it's truly going to work. The reaction I got from Evan excites me. Even Asher was excited.

I don't know why I'm surprised, Evan is very systematic and loves organization...oh this mom really has a lot to learn! I think I may buy this book...maybe...