Fingerprints Today!

We did a walk-in at USCIS for fingerprinting today and it was a success thanks to our dear friends the Worrells! Now we wait for the last piece of the paperwork puzzle. It's a wonderful feeling. We should recieve this last piece of legal paperwork in about 2 weeks.

Once our fingerprints are cleared, and we recieve the approval letter, have a copy state sealed, we will gather all of our legal paperwork and have it authenticated by the consulate. I'm thinking it could all be on it's way to China Oct 1st...really I want it done by Sept 20th! hmmmm, that's what I'm praying.Ok, I'll give it till the 21st :D

I think I'm going to use this blog (if possible) for my China travel. And our shutterfly site for extra photos. just thinking. It feels more and more real to me now.

God is the Master orchastrater, and everything is in His hands. Thanks goodness because I would have it all messed up!