Evacuated and Getting Ready

Nobody visits anymore...can't blame them. I've turned into a absentee blogger. Time, where are you? I'm thinking once we get back into a schedule it will get better. I'm getting excited about starting homeschooling. Wooohooo, I love getting ready! I have Evan signed up for soccer with the Christian Homeschool association and Daddy is coaching. We plan to go to the library this fall (and eventually Levi later in the season) at least once a week for story/craft time. I also like storytime at the Barns and Noble. Gotta love the free stuff :) They have a train table too and can play with the other kids. We actually have wooden trains and tracks home, but there is just something about going out. Love the fall weather and I'm looking forward to that too :D

We went to OBX for vacation and was evacuated yesterday due to Hurricane Earl. So here I sit with time on my hands. The holiday weekend has no plans for me at the moment. We are all just lazing around...did I mention we all got a summer cough/cold? But tomorrow I refuse to laze around, got to get out on the last official weekend of summer.

Pix of our interrupted vacation will follow once I get them off my camera. For now you can enjoy a little puppet show the boys performed for us awhile back...

Last summer I helped Evan make a puppet theater with a cardboard bi-fold display I picked up at ACMoore. I pulled it out...
Then I went online and found cute little fish and sharks (also some barnyard animals for fun!) to cut out

We cut them out and taped them on craft sticks (ok, this is actually a picture of the boys cutting the barnyard animals, but you get the idea

Then they made up silly shows for us all to watch. My original idea was to read a book with them and then act it out...but we will have to save that one for the fall. I plan to make a new puppet theater, maybe a farm theme...

Here's video of one of the quick little sharky plays that mommy took over. Of course, the end of each play was someone eating someone else so I was trying to encourage a happy ending with no eating...boys and moms...hehe! I had no part in the bad camera angle, that was Dad :)