OK, where is it?

I have no idea who this person is getting fingerprinted :) But I'm wondering if she went crazy waiting for approval as I am! Really, I'm insane at the moment. I thought for sure I would have approval by now. I'm not sure why I had this crazy short timeline in my head but I did.

Tomorrow? Perhaps? I found myself half sleeping and half awake early this morning dreaming of being in China with LiXue. Being without my hubby and little boys and family. I'm so torn between wanting to go, and not wanting to leave my family. Lord give me strength. I have never been away from Brad so long in our entire 27 years of marraige. And I have never been away from the boys. I worry about Asher and his reaction...will my absence cause a sc crisis? Oh, I need to rest. Lord Jesus give me your peace.

We will also begin renovations to Li*ue's room...we have to because it's unlivable the way it is. pictures will follow. I'm praying we can get it done. Praying for diligence! on our part! And time.