Tell Me More Homeschool English Program

Has anyone used an English language program to help teach your non-English speaking son or daughter English, grammar and writing? We want to try and home school LiXue but the thought of teaching her to read and write in English is making me somewhat apprehensive. I'm not the best English teacher, I have trouble reading and writing my own language :)

So while praying this morning, the idea came to me that we could use a computer program to teach her. I wasn't even aware you could buy an English language program for non English speakers. I'm not sure why it never occurred to me that they exist.

While researching Rosetta Stone English for Homeschooling I found that no grammar is taught. But during my search I found THIS It looks pretty good and it includes grammer. Has anyone else used this for their adopted kids? LiXue being almost 14 by the time she gets home doesn't leave us much time for trial and error when it comes to her education. I figure if I can find a way to teach her English she will have an easier time with every aspect of her education. So, this may be an area we can hyper focus. Of course, I have no idea how reseptive she will be to the English language :) These programs are very pricey but I have 3 months to decide whether it's working or not. I think Rosetta stone is 6 months. I obviously won't get this until she is home but I'd like to have some kind of plan in place.

I contacted the company to find out if she would be able to use this herself.