What a difference -Thank you ALL!

It's the anniversary of Asher's homecoming. To all those who blessed us during the months of July-December 2009...THANK YOU! Over and over I am reminded what an awesome God I have, and what wonderful people He has put into our lives. It brings me to tears to meditate on His goodness as I reflect on the past year with Asher. Thank You, every one of you who prayed, loved, and contributed to Asher's homecoming...we are blessed beyond measure and we love everyone of you....

This time last year Asher came home from Haiti, also, he came home from his first five days in the USA at Dupont Children's Hospital. It was such a scary time. But he did finally come HOME! If you click on the Haitian Prince tab above you'll find more information.

He was one sick little boy. So sick that I wondered whether he was going to have long term damage or even die.
 And the mourning in his heart....I can honestly say I NEVER saw such a sad little boy in my entire life. He grieved terribly. Which compounded his crisis and infection. But Asher has gone from this little sad face.....

To this Amazingly happy, joy filled 3 year old boy! He may have been the saddest little boy I ever met...but I can now say that he is the HAPPIEST 3 year old I ever met!!! We praise God for this gift of joy!
There is not a day that goes by that we don't see this God filled little person smile ear to ear and laugh such a LOUD belly laugh that you don't know if he's in pain or what! God named him Asher...it means blessed, fortunate, Happy! it fits him perfectly...and everyone who knows him are blessed and fortunate to be touched by his Joy! God will do great things with this child! And that is no exaggeration!