Did I tell you?!

We are done. officially done. NO MORE PAPERWORK...at least for now :) Yesterday we drove our adoption dossier to MAA to hand it over to them. They will then send it to the Chinese Consulate for authentication then off to China!!! I'm so glad to get that pile out of my house. The thoughts that go through my head while it's in my possession. For example, will the roof suddenly leak over top of where it's laying on the table destroying it all...or the kids puking on it... Or the dogs eating it...whatever! I'm just glad it's not in my house. And I can rest at least for a little while...what is resting anyway...?

Now to get to the important things; Prayer and more Prayer...God really does so much to this mommas heart during times like this. I'm blessed. I'll let you know when the dossier goes to China (DTC)! Not long now :)
Today we went to the Precious in His Sight Adoption and Orphan Care Conference at Fellowship Baptist Church in NJ. Oh, I am so excited to see what God is doing. Brad and I were on the adoptive parent panel. Blessed, we are truly blessed. And the fire in our hearts has only been fanned for these precious kids worldwide that need a forever family.... precious kids who need basic care, love, and US to be the hands and feet of Christ....