Whirlwind of Praise:)

After I reread this, I realized that not everyone understands what some of the Acronyms are sorry!

TA=Formal Travel Approval from China -I can go get my daughter!

CA=Consulate appointment to file her immigration/citizenship papers - so when she enters the US she will be a citizen 

Well,...if you hadn't already heard...We Got TA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Got it yesterday! Needless to say my mind was in a whirl-wind! Excited, joyous, anxious, nervous, upset...I went from extreme happiness to extreme despair knowing I DIDN'T HAVE THE MONEY I NEEDED! We put all we could on credit cards. We plan to use our 2010 tax return money...but that only covers part of the money needed-and I don't have that yet! Then this morning I found out our CA appointment is March 2nd which means I would need to leave Feb 18th. I cried. How could I possibly go? So I walked around praying for that miracle. Not only could I not go on the 18th, I had no idea when I'd be able to! I got up before everyone this morning and prayed for this day. I knew I had to make some decisions and had no idea what to do...I needed a Miracle. "God I don't want to focus on this huge amount of $$ we don't have.  I just want to be obedient to you. You know what miracle I need-my cause has not been disregarded(then I read in Isaiah 40:27-31)! If there be anything in me that is not good, purge it out"...that was my prayer. Then I just worshipped him.

Off and on I continued to be anxious today but I managed to get through homeschooling. At one point the thought came to me, "even if I make a mistake, God will work it out for good." That truth comforted me and helped me make the decision to reschedule my CA appointment for a later date for more time to come up with the money. And maybe by then, when Brad goes back to work, he'll have the opportunity to work some OT...

In case you didn't know, my husband had unexpected surgery in December and has be on disability since. He goes back to work in a couple weeks...well, he's actually going back the same week I was supposed leave...ok, back to my dilemma :p

 I went to the computer to send off a few emails including one to my agency explaining my need to change my CA appointment. As I opened my email I realize there was a GRANT AWARD email staring me in the face! God showed up in a Big Big way!!!! wooohoooo! It doesn't cover everything but a HUGE portion! I still may need to postpone my trip due to disbursement. But, Oh, God you are good! God spoke to me as I jumped out of my seat screaming and crying in joy....

"I have it all covered, stop worrying"....He does, he really does! I'm very hopeful today!


She is so beautiful. I wonder if anyone has ever told her.

My Heart.


ANOTHER Grant denied. Trying. To. Keep. Focused. But I have to say, we need a miracle. Praying.

I just keep thinking that postponing my adoption trip is inevidable, I will most likely NOT go in Feb. I know that Arielle is waiting for me, and it kills me. She waited all her life for a family who wanted her. I have to get there before June, before her 14th birthday. Praying.

Do you use Mary Kay??? If you buy something through THIS LINK, we will recieve 100% of Anita's profit for our adoption of Arielle LiXue! Thanks you for your support and most of all your Prayer!


Another Note!!!! So blessed!

Gosh I love this kid! here's another note I got today :)

Dear Mam and Dad, The Spring Festival, the traditional Chinese festival is coming to us. I would like to take this opputunity to wish our family healthy and happy all the time. I miss all of you. Hope to see you soon.

We should get our TA before the end of the month, possibly next week. So, Feb travel is pretty certain...unless that cashboat is delayed. Please join us in prayer, we really want to be there "soon" as Arielle is expecting us! I think she has waited long enough for mom and dad....Oh my heart....


Thanks to Gifts to China With Love we were able to send Li*ue a translater and in turn got 7 MORE PHOTOS & and another Letter!

Dear parents...
How are you?I have got your gifts. thank you so much!


Count Down to TA

Got this in my email today from our adoption agency...

...Article 5 documents were delivered to CCAA today. We are hoping to receive your Travel Approval soon. The last batch of TA’s were issued about 10 days after the A5 was issued.

Exciting and nerve-wracking since


Ok, a little late but....

 ....Christmas!    The days leading up to Christmas! Lighting our advent candles and devotion with daddy...
 Evan and Asher decorating the tree...
 This is the first year Evan did not run from


Evan's Kindergarten Homeschool

Our homeschooling day can sometimes be rough. But  I must admit, when it is going well, it goes REALLY WELL! and makes up for the rough spots. And for the most part, it goes well :)

My main purpose for homeschooling these boys is to build a "bond" within our family. Being so different on the outside, and coming from different places could someday create a challenge to produce a common ground within our home. We also want to instill Godly principles while they are young. Taught by Dad and Mom. And by doing that, bonds are being built between them, us, and Jesus Christ.

Evan is reading well! And for the most part,


Asher's Pre-K Homeschool

I want to update our homeschooling. I can't believe how well Asher is suddenly doing. It's like that light bulb turned on. He still struggles with speech and is behind developmentally, but I can see him catching up!

Here is a list of things I'm mixing and matching for Asher's school day, but really not doing any of it "formally".
For PreK (Asher)- I don't use all of this