ANOTHER Grant denied. Trying. To. Keep. Focused. But I have to say, we need a miracle. Praying.

I just keep thinking that postponing my adoption trip is inevidable, I will most likely NOT go in Feb. I know that Arielle is waiting for me, and it kills me. She waited all her life for a family who wanted her. I have to get there before June, before her 14th birthday. Praying.

Do you use Mary Kay??? If you buy something through THIS LINK, we will recieve 100% of Anita's profit for our adoption of Arielle LiXue! Thanks you for your support and most of all your Prayer!


Chantelle said...

Just heard about your blog through "Our Mixed Blessings" and wanted to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to you on your adoption of a teenager. We've adopted 2 teenage girls and consider them such gifts to our family. I will be praying about your need and passing it along! God bless!

Luke said...

Lord, I ask that You work out the logistics and finances. Provide, and keep Arielle safe for the time between now and when she gets to come home. Amen.