Another Note!!!! So blessed!

Gosh I love this kid! here's another note I got today :)

Dear Mam and Dad, The Spring Festival, the traditional Chinese festival is coming to us. I would like to take this opputunity to wish our family healthy and happy all the time. I miss all of you. Hope to see you soon.

We should get our TA before the end of the month, possibly next week. So, Feb travel is pretty certain...unless that cashboat is delayed. Please join us in prayer, we really want to be there "soon" as Arielle is expecting us! I think she has waited long enough for mom and dad....Oh my heart....

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China Dreams said...

I'm sorry I can't help, since I'm trying to come up with $ myself, but hope that the fundraiser is a success for you. It's so nice that you get letters from her.