Asher's Pre-K Homeschool

I want to update our homeschooling. I can't believe how well Asher is suddenly doing. It's like that light bulb turned on. He still struggles with speech and is behind developmentally, but I can see him catching up!

Here is a list of things I'm mixing and matching for Asher's school day, but really not doing any of it "formally".
For PreK (Asher)- I don't use all of this
 everyday, it's mainly "Asher directed"
  • Letter of the Week - free online
  • Starfall -free online-Asher just recently figured out how to use a mouse!!!
  • Lots of Melissa and Doug Puzzles (Yes this is schoolwork! Needs to keep his hands moving!)
  • Exploring Letters in my World (Total hands-on approach! We are having fun with this! With each letter we make a mini lapbook) $2.50 download for each letter or the entire collection for $40
  • Bouncing on his new jumper everyday :) great for strengthening his legs! (something like this one...it counts when jumping, or plays music. Both boys love it and has become a part of everyday life!)
  • Looking at numbers and counting, colors, coloring, cutting and every stuff using various activity books and websites!
  • HWT Wood Pieces we used the program for Evan and Asher likes making his letters with these pieces-May get the pre K book when he's ready
  • Rod and Staff Activity Books for Preschool (Don't have it yet, I plan to get these,very inexpensive $9)
  • I also use My Father's World Pre-K Package (had it from Evan-Asher loves it now!)It all learning toys! $99
  • And Daddy reads a mix of books from Sonlights Pre-K packages to the boys at bedtime (also used for Evan-and he still loves them :) We now include some of Sonlights Kindergarten books at bedtime...but I'll get to Evan's Home-schooling in my next post :)

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China Dreams said...

Sounds like you are very busy-glad it's going so well.