Count Down to TA

Got this in my email today from our adoption agency...

...Article 5 documents were delivered to CCAA today. We are hoping to receive your Travel Approval soon. The last batch of TA’s were issued about 10 days after the A5 was issued.

Exciting and nerve-wracking since
 we are still $10,000 short of the money needed. I'm praying for a February 25th departure date. I have no idea how this will happen. Praying for the hand of God to move. I believe that we have done all we can to stand, and we will continue to stand! We are bringing our daughter home!

Her home, Her Family, and Her Church family all await her arrival!

Please pray for us, Arie*le, and travel. Thank you so much for reading this far. I believe that we have been faithful with what He has given us, and obedient in stepping out in faith on these uncertain waters. And I believe that He will supply all of our needs...

...according to His riches in Glory.

Wow, that's a lot of riches! And I'm not just talkin' about money. It far surpasses money. It covers every aspect of what we need to completion!

We heard the call to step out of the boat and adopt this beautiful 13 year old and God miraculously brought us this far. We had little to begin this adoption and what little we had we gave to another another adoptive family believing that this adoption would be provided for...and He has provide for us. Because it is His plan for Arie*le to come home, HIS PLAN!

At each step, we found exactly what we needed to continue.


kayder1996 said...

Soon! Thankful for all that has transpired thus far to bring her home. Thus far, the Lord has helped us.

Anita said...

YAY for that TA on its way!! And praying, praying my friend for the Lord's complete supply and provision for all of you!!! HUGS!!

Tracy said...

Oh I am sooo excited for you Terry, it will be your turn soon!!!!! Cant wait to meet her!!! She seems sooo cool! :)

China Dreams said...

Saying prayers for you,