Thanks to Gifts to China With Love we were able to send Li*ue a translater and in turn got 7 MORE PHOTOS & and another Letter!

Dear parents...
How are you?I have got your gifts. thank you so much!

 The gifts are very nice. I love it very much. it helps me a lot for understanding English.

 I make progress in studying English.
The spring festival will coming soon.

I wish you healthy and happy. Bless the family.

I think she mentioned the spring festival (Chinese New Year) because I told her in a prior note that I would be there shortly after. She's reminding me :)
She cut her hair again...booo! but she is still beautiful!

If you would like to be a part of our team, and help bring this beautiful girl home, consider making a tax deductable donation through Lifesong for Orphans. Just use the code Fithian/1681 Adoption on the memo. The link to donate is on the upper left sidebar.


China Dreams said...

You know, I never saw a Chinese woman with long hair; I think we only saw two Chinese men with beards.


Anita said...

Oh Terry....how precious to continue to hear from your daughter! Ya know...I was thinking today what an answer to prayer to finally have your Arielle! How many years ago did the Lord give you that name and now you are seeing the fulfillment of it? Just amazing!! Love ya!